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  1. yes it the code I received today but I dont get the link you posted. I have now clicked that and look set up for saturday. Many thanks
  2. Hi Doha As the site ifollow expert any tips for a trouble free Saturday? I have my season ticket code and have entered it on the official club site, as a few posters have suggested. I watch via my company laptop. I was expecting to get forwarded to a count down to kick off page. I have this on my mobile. Instead it simply states I have access to the match
  3. I have been told Gibbons is close to joining Derby.
  4. Re Manny, I understand he has become vegan. As a result of which he has lost his "bulk". I suspect this to prevent injuries. When I saw him he looks less stiff and more mobile so hopefully this cures his injury problems. If its does, it makes team selection very interesting as in my opinion he was a excellant cog in the askey machine when he played.
  5. Total madness but that is the going preimership rate I guess. Shawcross has a clause he has to be top earner as well
  6. I doubt if its true but Stoke pay their 19/20 year old right back £40k a week and Shawcross closer to £100k, so lets be honest if they come in for him and he sits in the reserves he is going to be set for life
  7. I am probably wrong but i think we might be something in this. I am quite sure I have seen him training with Monty, Amoo, Brown and our ex player Vassell during lockdown. Then again they all could just be mates!
  8. Really interesting article on bbc sport has us finishing in 7th https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52646128
  9. Rumours of top 8 playing a mini league if remaining games cannot be completed
  10. Just had ours from Leon Legge. My boys were made up. What a nice guy
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