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  1. Haha counter attack again!! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  2. Now flares being thrown Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  3. What a joke Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  4. Big Marc Richards if we go into league 2. He is still better than any of our current strikers In league 1 Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  5. Kiko on. We will hold out 1-0 down until 89 mins. Kiko will whip a quality ball in and Reggie will tuck it home! Then I woke up and we lost 4-0 Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  6. Last man Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  7. Watch us get one corner and score from it!! Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  8. We are some kind of joke Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  9. Kiko off injured now Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  10. Mehmet keeping us in it by the sounds of it Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  11. Not another injury! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  12. Don't think we were ever fit enough under Bruno. Now taking its toll Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  13. One upfront? [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  14. A J for the equaliser? Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  15. What are the odds on the penalty miss to come back and haunt us? Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  16. Enoch Andoh playing! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  17. What did Brian Horton have to say? Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  18. I know we all get annoyed with Radio Joke but Blakeman and Williams are elite to our friends over at Radio Shropshire. They have a presenter called James Bond [emoji23][emoji23] and the bloke who does the actual commentary can't even pronounce Shrewsbury correctly!! He says Shoesbury. How annoying would that get? They don't have a clue about the opposition players they just say things like 'the port vale defender clears the ball, or 'the number 8 plays the ball forward' At least blakeman does his homework. I think we have been spoilt with Bowers and Cullerton Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  19. Bill Lodey! That man is a complete *#%^ Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  20. Valiants, following the Sentinel's report over the weekend regarding potential bidders, I would like to give you the background history. On the 10th November 2015 I was approached by an American consortium hedge fund who wished to purchase Port Vale Football Club. One of the conditions in order for them to raise the appropriate funds was that I was to announce that the football club was up for sale. The previous Saturday we played Maidenhead in the FA cup and I advised them that any such announcement could be disruptive and that I would not make such an announcement until we had exited the FA Cup competition. As you will recall, I announced on the 7th December 2015 that Port Vale Football Club was up for sale, following our exit from the FA Cup at Exeter. Without my knowledge a local business had approached Bill Lodey wishing to obtain his assistance to progress the potential purchase of the Club who made certain applications to the Football League, again without my knowledge. I subsequently met the owners of the local business at their legal team’s offices. At the same time the main principle of the hedge fund from Boston was also in Stoke waiting for a meeting to conclude their exclusivity. In view of the local company's passion for the area, their people resource and the fact that they could meet the agreed asking price without any need for finance, I agreed to enter into an exclusivity arrangement with themselves and, after that meeting went to face the other contingent, which was a difficult meeting, to explain why I would not be proceeding with them. The local company paid a fee for their exclusivity and were granted just over three months to undertake their due diligence when their professional advisers had full access to all information relating to the Club and with the full assistance of all appropriate staff members. Indeed, even Rob Page met with them on several occasions and it was understood that their purchase was imminent. Regrettably they chose to significantly reduce their offer and conceded that they now needed finance to proceed to purchase the Club or could proceed to purchase the football club without purchasing the stadium. With that knowledge I announced that the sale would not be proceeding. Negotiations with the Boston consortium were re-opened and an exclusivity agreement was entered into on the 14th March 2016. When they came back with their offer in early June they had raised the agreed initial purchase price from their investors but no working capital. One of their conditions was that they required me to remain in the chair as CEO/Chairman until the 30th June 2017. I felt that without any working capital there would be no advantage in selling the Club or indeed having me run it as an employee for that period so our negotiations ended. On the 16th June 2016 I entered into an exclusivity agreement with a Norwegian hedge fund and, as with previous agreements, a fee was paid by this party to the Club and they had full access to all the relevant information and full cooperation from the appropriate staff. Due to a serious disagreement between Bruno Ribero and the senior management of the hedge fund, they chose not to continue with the purchase at the end of their exclusivity period. In December 2016 you will recall that Bruno Ribero resigned his position as manager and this resulted in the Norwegian consortium re-opening negotiations and at the same time the Boston consortium, having raised additional funds, also came back looking to re-open negotiations. It is no secret that I have certain reservations in both hedge fund owners and separating the football club from the ground, from the same principle owner. With this in mind, I chose to seek the advice of some long standing fans regarding the proposals/offers that were put forward and furnished them with emails within the last ten days. Not only have they not had the courtesy to come back with any observations, but that information has now been leaked to The Sentinel. On Friday I received a telephone call from The Sentinel to advise that they were in possession of this information. I advised that I felt it would be inappropriate for them to disclose any of the information as it could put at risk any potential sale; sadly that was ignored. When seeking advice from the inner circle of people I rely upon within Port Vale, I was advised that I was being naive to assume that seeking any advice outside of the football club would result in a constructive outcome. In view of recent events as and when Port Vale Football Club is sold a press conference will be called to announce the same. Finally I have tried to engage with fans via social media over the past four years to give information which I thought was helping overcome the challenges they had endured in the previous ten years prior to my ownership. Sadly this had not either been done very well by myself or indeed been constructive. Going forward there will be no dialogue regarding football matters via social media. Sadly I do not think this will change the activities of the keyboard warriors but at least they will now know that I will not be reading or responding to it. To the true Port Vale supporters, I am deeply sorry for the management appointment I made this summer and the position we now find ourselves in the table. I request that you put all differences that you have with myself to one side and that you please come and give your wholehearted support to help us climb out of the difficult position we find ourselves in. It gives me some solace that the performance of the whole team at last weekend's game in Southend has been the best away performance I have seen this season. If we continue to build on this then I feel that our league status will be secure but again ask for your support in helping us to get over that line. Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  21. Might get a few more bums on seats down the Vale [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  22. Lining up in Goal for Altrincham today at Telford. I guess his Wrestling career is over. Wonder if tank is better than any of our current lot? Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  23. I think the plan was to replace them with better players!! Completely backfired. I expect if we had kept them we would be safe in mid table again. Dodds and AJ I would have kept. Dickinson would have been decent backup along with O'Connor. The rest I'm. It bothered about. I would have signed ikpeazu too, think he has something about him that we are severely lacking now. Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  24. Who were the best players that he got rid of? Alnwick had a clause triggered so there was nothing we could do. Grant didn't want to play for us any longer and so it was the better option of letting him go for some cash rather than on a free in a few months. Unless you mean the getting rid of Ferguson, Patterson and Calvin-Mackintosh? Sent from my iPhone using the onevalefan mobile app
  25. Who has the V2001 Out Banner? Can it be edited to Smurthwaite? Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
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