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  1. 1st game vs Colchester Utd. What's your team? What's your formation? Thoughts.
  2. RichG


    Just asking. I've seen Vale pictures and videos, with Hamburg fans in it. With Hamburg/Vale flag. Singing Vale songs in German. Is this some sort of fan alliance?
  3. All this Ricky Miller bashing. I remember when Lee Hughes signed. No one wanted him. If Aspin can get him going, He's a 15 goal a season man.
  4. Now that we are safe, who's on your shopping list? Apart from Messi & Ronaldo. I would like Chris Neal and Ricky Miller, to start with.
  5. The past two seasons have been a massive Errea.
  6. I was watching the Autoglass trophy highlights. 28,000 fans. Where are they all? Amazing day.
  7. According to sky sports news. Vale hope to appoint a new manager by this weekend. Interviewed two yesterday and two today.
  8. Adams set to be offered the role. Thoughts.
  9. On sky earlier, Smurf and Garlick to discuss browns future tomorrow. Brown was on saying they are working hard. We've got good players etc. Results will come.
  10. Read somewhere, that Smurf is considering approaching Brian Horton, to be our new manager. Thoughts.
  11. RichG


    After a Desean Jackson shirt.
  12. RichG


    Bucs all the way. Although an early bye week due to Irma. I'm expecting playoffs this season.
  13. Change needed before we find ourselves points from safety. Experience needed.
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