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  1. Totally harmful to start season without fans especially in lower leagues where there is not the money there to pay folk with nothing . It should not start without supporters it’s not just the money from the game it’s the sponsorship,the pie and a pint at half time ,the programme the pay on the day support ,the im going today because it’s my weekend off support . The list is endless it should not without a question be allowed start without the at least season ticket holders (not me I will get a ten match one or 12 match one if one uses a bit of imagination ,guarantees money to the Vale even if I’m not going go or decide a better option of going elsewhere ). Can understand folks frustrations but a club like Vale needs minimum 4500 season ticket holders and at least 1000 ten match goers ,then they can move forwards so to sell just short of 2000in these terrible times is testament to the loyalty and magnificence of those who have paid for them they deserve there place in our 18 thousand seater ground when it begins absolutely.
  2. Love the way Brentford kept playing ,yes on the whole of the game they certainly did not deserve lose today but did thanks to the excellent defensive display from the stoke players . I wouldn’t be too disheartened if I was a Brentford fan really love the way they play the game . As for stoke the goalie who finished the season is better than Butland . Well done to them . The contracts must be running out asxmore effort at the end of the season than throughout the rest of it . The money bag club survives on the 45th game of 46 . i do not personally think that’s owt celebrate
  3. R.I.P Old sage condolences to all the family . Always had time for his posts ,always spoke sense I’m sure I probably have spoke to him at Vale matches home and away ,and if not wish I had UTV R.I.P Vale brother
  4. Was it the manager or the players just didn’t want do the business or were not bothered ,I think the worst manager I’ve seen in all my years watching Vale was Michael Brown we just didn’t seem to be able put any decent performances in under him and was hugely disappointed in his tactics and the results under him . We lacked all the qualities he had as a player it was downright poor . Sinnott was pretty poor aswell as was Aspin but I think the players under him did not respect him as they should have and because of his fiery nature decided that they wouldn’t put the necessary effort in-required well in the games I saw anyway it seemed like they didn’t want it
  5. Sorry to hear this old sage a really lovely contributor to this site and fellow Vale fan . Get better soon Another Vale fan has just beat the coronavirus he works at my place a lovely lad named Carl Litherland he is rehabilitating at the Haywood now after being in ICU for many weeks You can beat this Mike All the best from my family and the Vale family
  6. Unprecedented times I think if you come out of this period with a contract and a living you have done well . Its obvious the ones we would like to keep but all of a sudden the power is no longer with the players . Lets hope the fans can be allowed back in the grounds especially in Vale’s case they could be so that the owners can continue there most marvellous work without support then everything becomes a impossible task as no support means no season tickets sold and no pay on the day so that means no income which lower league clubs rely on . So if these players get a contract then it’s a minor miracle in itself .
  7. Totally understand Carols comment you cannot offer a player (players a wage )if you have no way of paying there wages etc ,money cannot come out of fresh air ,folk are not going to pay for something which may never be the same again will be even worse at bigger clubs if no vaccine found what the clubs going do build a 100 thousand seater stadium so that 50 thousand can be present in the ground etc . This virus will be the death of football. Typical really when Vale were having a reawakening.
  8. Your a good man as are all the Vale brothers not to say the ladies ain’t cause they are good also . Keep safe no longer Vale Fan In Alsager I’m Vale fan in Westbury park now , no idea how change it . Such a shame for the club as Kevin and Carol are working wonders as are all the staff I think we could have made it to league one but that’s my heart speaking ,my head says we would have missed out and finished 9th . Never mind it’s just one of the things just hope not too many good folk of Stoke on Trent have died of this especially fellow Vale and Stoke supporters . I have had to keep working I work in a clothes warehouse at first livid at having go in but now glad that’s the case ,let’s hope that vaccine is found very soon m8 and thank you
  9. First time on here in ages ,31 thousand dead of this horribleness. No sign of football coming back anytime soon ,for the best you cannot have social distancing in place and have football where you cannot stand apart as you have to win the ball etc To sell 900 season tickets is amazing really as most folk will not commit to one while this keeps going on so well done to them die hards
  10. Let’s hope the offer is going well and we can get at least 6000 in for both games which would be excellent. If you cannot make one or the other and then you say or put it on all the websites that does someone want go halves etc(it’s better than you not going ) . This is out of the nine games left 30 quid if your a adult watch Gibbons crash one in the top corner,and Popey put one in after Montano beating five players and crossing onto his head . Works out at 10 quid for two games for a upto 21 year old (I think ,could be wrong so askfirst at ticket office or ring them01782 655800 ),What a bargain though . One defeat all season at home shame we cannot get all the folk who went the ldv final there . The offers great and if folk do not support it then what’s the point in having offers . So get thesen there
  11. Very fair I very rarely go so i will not expect get a ticket . Reward for those regular away followers as it should be Just hope they still have a interest come this so mentioned game ,8 cup finals between there and then
  12. It’s a nine game season now whatever has gone on before is relevant but not as relevant a second these last nine games . Not really fussed what other clubs do as long as we produce the level of performance Colchester home the other week and Cheltenham Away sat then the wins will come . Not all down to the players though any Vale fan who still doesn’t go after a very decent season needs to be making a effort to go . 8000 made a effort go Man City well we have nine Man City type games left with the stakes high and the outcome can either be pleasant or very unpleasant . So I’d urge season ticket holders being there friends etc (pay for them if you have to as it works out 15 quid each for Crawley and Bradford so ya m8 who can not afford gets the 15 paid for him and he only has to find 15 quid for two games bargain and is days of no longer going cannot be used as a excuse . Looking at the games left I see at least 5 wins but with a go for it attitude which we displayed away at form team Cheltenham then why not 7 wins . Yes our goal difference may count against us but it will not matter if we win the games and play as well as we did sat for them nine games . Brown had nowt do let’s have 9 more games like that UTV
  13. Well it’s all about the last 9 games now only lost 8 all season but unlucky not win the last two games. Hope the club get a lot of interest in the game . Its a massive game but no more massive than all the remaining games . Team well it picks itself was so pleased with everything all game yesterday the only thing missing was the goals and luck . Exciting times at Vale park . With encouragement anything is possible . Im in Bruges for the weekend (a birthday present for my girlfriend),so will be watching from somewhere while having a Belgian beer . Good luck to the lads 9 cup finals left and performances like yesterday will only yield wins I’m sure of it
  14. Brown 6 nowt do Gibbons 8 Smith 8were any of there forwards playing if so you wouldn’t have thought so Legge 8 Clark 8 love his positivity Worrall 7 would have liked see him get more of the ball Conlon 8 his best performance for Vale Joyce 9 controlled everything tremendous Burgess 8 Amoo 7 put one straight on Cullens head shot wide and overall did a good job Cullen 8 two headers one off the bar held the ball up well in my opinion deserved a goal Pope 7 and Browne 7 should have been a 8 each if only that header went in which it should have UTV
  15. Deserved win how we haven’t is a mystery itself . pen 1 not a pen pen 2is a pen . Brownhad nothing to do a excellent performance from Vale . Cullen hit bar and a header second half he should have scored and Popey should have buried that chance after great work from Browne ,Amoo shot narrowl wide . What a injustice nothing went in UTV
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