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  1. Oh yeah I think I left him out because he as agreed a deal with Lincoln supposedly . Otherwise he is in and scoring UTV for burgess
  2. You are wrong you can get 2 tickets with a ten game season ticket ,I got the final one of my five with mine Wednesday .
  3. Around 4500 sold in two days pretty good going that . Well done the lads backing the boys xx
  4. Fantastic first day of sales 2500 plus great ,that’s some noise with that amount let’s hope we sell lots more with passionate up for it following whos encouragement may help the Vale players turn in the best performance ever and silence those who are negative with there score predictions.
  5. Team for me Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Montano Browne Joyce Burgess Amoo Pope Cullen During the game try swapping your winger sides A very hard game but I feel with Pope being supported by Cullen the three points will be heading for Burslem . UTV
  6. Yes m8 lad in front had his and his sons and got 4 3 adults I kid
  7. That’s fair enough I genuinely feel sorry for folk who have queued and in the end had to go because of work ,ill health etc Im lucky in a way as work gave me two nights off to recover from the norovirus illness and I could wait get the tickets but didn’t want miss the Vale at the etihad as you never know if folk are getting ten thengoing get another ten etc with same five season tickets although my cousins family wanna go now so I need 3 more UTV
  8. Yes m8 I used mine get the final one of the five tickets I purchased
  9. So a 8250 allocation which is about double the size of our average home gate I believe. So maybe a good idea to afternoon season ticket holders get there’s is do a Robbie (you had to purchase his Xmas cd to obtain the voucher )get the one game wonders having purchase a ticket for a upcoming home league game at a reduced price get in of say 15 quid . Looking forwards to going a ground I have never been. UTV get them tickets sold and market a future home game and play well in that home game
  10. Well woke up late so didn’t attend and glad I didn’t as entertainment level was a 2/10 and lost to a team who had one shot on target (one more than us ). A whole lot of nothingness Its Walsall always play terrible v them and I got the feeling both sides were settling for a 0-0 as there was nothing in the game which would get your heart racing in a good way . Very poor yet 0-0 would have being fairer but hey ho we let’s them score within seconds of second half (how docile). Typical Vale
  11. Remember the last game of the season versus these losing 5-0 in a no show a few years back ,was the game what really finished me permantly wishing to attend all home games . This Vale is a much better Vale and I think the confidence which should be running through each and every one of our players veins should see a much better performance level-this sat v the saddlers . Team no Joyce or Worrall so that owns the door for whoever is chosen for this sat . Maybe announce R W will be in the paddock this sat and watch them tickets sell Popey will be flying and surely deserves to be first name on team sheet after what his efforts and Tony Adams hand have given this club this week . Browne for me for Worrall and Evans for Joyce or move Smithy in Joyce’s position and drop Crookes in at Centre half . Montano to be man of the match from left back Popey to score two text book headers from Browne and Amoos fine crosses and Montano to beat five players and rifle a beauty top corner (this is what’s going happen at the etihad lol ). Good luck Vale Team well it’s this for me Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Montano Evans Taylor Conlon Amoo Pope Browne
  12. Well done on the win another 20 thousand banked . Watched the second half online and thought we looked a good outfit going forwards but very poor defensively especially in right back and left positions in fact the first goal v Mansfield our right back played a massive role in that . Didnt see the second equaliser as on way work . Positives Browne and Legge when came on and young Taylor who came on and took his goal-superbly and I believe could and should have scored another . First half I didn’t see but seemed we played very well that half . We rested some of our players so shows we have strength in depth so very pleased with progress under Askey .
  13. I just like to apologise to all my neighbourhood for when the draw was made . Its a magnificent draw financially and with a good away following for certain then who knows what will happen as Vale tend to play very well v Man City who are let’s face it are a tremendous team who hammer most sides . I do not go along with we will lose heavily as every Vale player will be pumped to the extreme and with a massive vocal away following backing them every step along the way then expect the unexpected. My gf says she will go with me this game her first game (she’s not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination). Its a wonderful story and can be the start of a present which is so much more enjoyable than the past and it’s mainly down to all the staff at the club and the supportive owners who deserve this payday . Feeling proud and we ain’t even stepped on the pitch versus them yet Aguero /sterling ,silva /be Bruyne. Little Port Vale taking to the field with these exceptional footballers . Fantastic UTV
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