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  1. You would think Oyeleke would be back by now . Looking forwards to the game regardless . Id like see Askey make a statement and drop some under performing players ,or better still try another system but such are Vale that one game they are completely dire then the next play a lot better . Id go three at the back with Atkinson Legge and Brisley Gibbons Joyce Burgess Amoo Montana as five In the middle of the field rotating positions and moving the ball all the time . Worrall to be dropped as his levels of excellence not being there lately . Then Pope and Cullen up front-as I think if there is any combination get us goals this is it . Application ,effort heart and desire first and work as hard as possible for the shirt then anything is possible UTV
  2. Good post m8 If you happy with mediocrity than mediocrity is all we will ever be . Love Vale but the only thing I love about this Vale is the support and chair folk . Players well you would think they would be hungry for success after years of bottom of the league or near rubbish . Seems not bottle it every time Grow some Vale
  3. Ain’t watched poor result that and performance,hardly surprising though under Askey this is becoming too regular for my liking . Going tues expect see players with fire in there bellies. Swindon looked nothing at Vale park but we made them look like Barcelona by the stats,looks to me like a embarrassing no show
  4. Oh yeah lol I do not know why I thought it was sat silly me but glad you put me right as may pop up for the Exeter game now as will shift swap out and have tues off instead of mon
  5. These next two games are the games you want to be playing in . Team well you cannot fault the side who played v Leyton Orient so it’s the same side . Swindon never really been a happy away day for our supporters but having watched Vale v these at home where we scored two crackers ,and were solid throughout I think well it’s a free hit if we lose folk will say there the best team in the league which they are so we expected to draw at best . But that’s negative and we want folk to come v Exeter next sat and a win or a fine performance will do that . Firstly as a football fan you want a performance because sometimes you come away from a game knowing your team has won but you didn’t enjoy (apart from the goal)any aspect of the performance . A big game I think Cullen will shine and Vale will draw 1-1 which would be a fine result . I just hope we do not finish ,or start the game as we did v Leyton Orient when really they should have being awarded a pen because Smith got the wrong side of his man and pulled him back. We got away with a lot last seven mins last sat after playing really well for the other 83 and I can see why we concede so many late goals as we lose momentum . So I’d be thinking around 75 mins to freshen it up making going fiive at back with Brisley and if we are in front then then bring a midfielder on for a forward etc UTV
  6. Cracking ,glad that Amoo scored yet again ,if he isn’t setting them up he is scoring them a fantastic finish after good lay off from Cullen . Smith Man of the match so well done to the lad . 5047 crowd that’s pretty decent that . I was thinking 4300 odd so that’s a good amount for a very cold afternoon in Jan ,Exeter next so could be a good turnout if we can do something at Swindon. Yes very nail biting at the end thought Brown did excellent save that long ranger in injury time or around the 90 minute mark . A very good win and glad Mark Cullen got some game time and glad he played a very good level of performance UTV
  7. Just caught the last 25 mins Amoos goal fantastic and how did Cullen not score but great save nonetheless then five minutes of bizarre play at end of game where if it had gone on any longer we would have given them a goal so fair play to them finishing game strongly . A deserved win by the stats as the hour I missed we look like we were the better side . A good win UTV
  8. Read your comments on here and Port Vale online think you make a lot of valid points . After all you watch every game I do not as if I’m not at the game can only watch it on Vale till I die sporadically as I’m not There shouting for them ,so I cannot influences the players level of performance through encouragement so say in a 90 minute stream watch about 20 minutes of it and switch off . Spent many a afternoon up the Vale but life changes and you have to be unselfish with your choices ,part of me wants be there tomoz but I’m still fuming with what we produced (or a better phrase what we didn’t )at Morecambe so at present think it’s best not to be present tomoz ,going away on Sunday morning so want be a top frame of mind enjoy me short vacation away in Somerset in a pod with jacuzzi. Enjoy the game and I hope the performance is of a team who want to over achieve and reach the play offs and not just go through the motions and let the season fizzle out to nothing with just season tickets holders only present .
  9. It’s ok I’m not easily offended I usually laugh along anyway . My gf daughter went school with Nathan so it was not meant that he was crap as he obviously is not and I’m hoping Vale will get a offer for him in the window cause that will prove he is having a fine season which he is . I have said things about him before and I do regret those comments somewhat just at the time it’s hard for me get me head around if you support your biggest rivals and play for the team majority of there support can not stand . Anyway we have to trust him to wanna be great for Vale and he is being so that’s forgotten about . Anyway it’s a massive game sat and I hope the fans back the fiver off cause if you want lower prices then if you do not attend when it’s a reasonable price you ain’t ever going attend . Five tickets I got for the etihad the other week for 40 quid that’s the way go . A family ticket the way go .
  10. Prejudice there is no prejudice towards any player at Vale from me . Smiths done very well this season I never said he had not . Im a bit daft yeah admittedly but there’s no malice in me . I hardly go as have a life but like to hear we doing well ,being the odd game about 6 and they have performed well in them (probably down to my encouragement mainly ). UTV
  11. He is not going leave him out I said rest him as he as look jaded lately and because my lady said that v Man City she was watching him closely (her first game lol )and said all the other 10 were running around like crazy and he was static not my words my lovelies . Ha ha this site is so obsessed with us being tenth let’s see where we are in ten games as we just played all the weaker sides and struggled enormously . How many games we played are we averaging about a point a game or thereabouts ,I’m not as easily impressed as most on this site . UTV I said we need improve significantly or else and there is nothing I’ve seen since Taylor’s obmission to suggest we will reach 50 points but we will see UTV
  12. How many chances do we create for Popey Cullen or Bennett ,hardly any I’d say we should try a 3-5-2 with Pope being partnered by Cullen Or Ritchie Bennett as Gibbons should be relieved of defensive responsibility along with Monty . We spend too much time respecting the opposition and not going out and saying come on lads let’s get some decent ball into Popey as some games the level of ball up to Pope is abysmal but be nice see Cullen have a run in the side as he is a very good finisher but he cannot finish if he isn’t being played and when he is he is given 20 mins every now and again because Askey is frightened of the opposition
  13. Be interesting see how many have took up the offer before the Morecambe game because they will struggle shift any after it . Team well freshen it up try something different like 3 at the back I’m sure Brisley alongside Legge and Crookes would be fab . Five in midfield with two players who can run stretching the back whatever of Leyton Orient so no Conlon ,from the centre with Amoo and Browne on the flanks switching over if unfed ,I’d have Worrall and Burgess bombing on all game with Joyce doing his usual job then Pope /Cullen up front . A rest for Smith as I’d like see Vale without him . I can see a crowd of about 4500 that’s all we have not progressed since the excellent display v Swindon and the Man City great defensive display . We are conceding goals left right and centre it’s time for change but is mr I play the same way got any imagination we will see well I will not as I'm going away for the weekend down Somerset in a pod UTV
  14. Did a fantastic job Loved his passion and great SVA videos All the best to him he will be very successful
  15. The cup game is that going be the memory of the season ,a 4-1 defeat where the fans support was the thing I thought what kept the score down and surely you would think the ovation they got at the end would spur them on and there general performance levels would rocket through the roof. They haven’t and it’s down to Askey and apart from Swindon home game what I attended the performance levels have not being up to the standard they need be . If tired then we are totally screwed as the bench warmers are not got getting game time which means they are not up to speed to change anything . Bring back reserve team fixtures and get rid of all players who’s hunger to succeed at Vale is not there . Great goal from Gibbons there goals first more hunger from there lad get on end of it second what were the centre half’s doing although he looked offside to me but no excuses both goals avoidable UTV
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