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  1. So Burgess and Archer do not get a look in yet we continue all game with players who were not quite at it . The pen for me was a pen disappointing because we scored a lovely goal it we had 67 minutes to raise the performance and get the win ,to read we were indebted to Scott Brown tells you all that we are doing our usual sliding down the table and non performing act . Worrall is not a central midfielder and he should be put in the position he plays his best football in right half . Burgess to be reinstated and Brisley to put in a three at the back with Gibbons and Montano as attacking full backs Archer and Pope to lead the attack and Burgess to bomb on with Taylor ,Joyce to be dropped . Try something new wearers predictable as .
  2. I very rarely criticise the team if anything I’ve spent thousands on encouraging for many a year since regularly attending since 1991 v Liverpool at home lost 5-2 foyle scoring both ,only the last two seasons have I not gone regularly and that is down to meeting someone new who likes go away at weekends and to be honest I’ve found it more enjoyable than watching the Vale but I passed on my passion to my lad and nephew who are both season ticket holders (I brought my lad is ). So I’m entitled to my opinion as I still follow Vale and go occasionally. Its great they doing well at home but away well the results speak for themselves ,lad and nephew going Crewe away so I want them win for them and the other majestic fans. UTV
  3. Be gone by fri I suspect . Thats fantastic and I hope the performance warrants the following . Lad and nephew got there’s they must be glutton for punishment. UTV
  4. No Popey has being a great servant to the club ,his goals priceless and needed . Do we need to start him every game anymore ,No we don’t you have to play the player up top who is going be the most effective for that particular game . So sat id go with Archer as Stevenage are huge units UTV
  5. Do not be fooled by Stevenages Low position in the table . Regardless of who is chosen for the game let’s hope everyone puts a shift in and gives everything they have . You play a system what allows you to be attacking without exposing the limitations in the team for breakaway goals . A big big game as the next few are difficult to say the least
  6. Spot on and I am aware of that . On the back of a poor performance the other day is even more remarkable that’s what I’m saying . i don’t attend anyway but fair play anyway ,been there done that have no desire to keep doing it but take a interest as like see Vale do well as still follow there results as son and nephew still attend regularly and I pop along when not away with me girlfriend.
  7. We need shake that back four up ,sick to the teeth of folk not listening to my views ,Crookes is getting mullered as most goals conceded are crosses from his side but I have a different take and that is Centre half’s should be at least tight to the players who are scoring from these situations . They ain’t and teams are profiting from our giveaways . It cannot continue many a game I e been to Vale park in my watching life and many crosses have gone in from wingers yet most opposition defenders have read the game and snuffed it any chance of Vale scoring yet we are consistently leaving players free to score through lack of desire ,application and downright docileness . This team is a starter and I agree with it . Lets hope that we do not choose Legge and Smith again as Guthrie gives them the run around . Time to drop one or both of them we cannot afford to give teams a goal start . Shake it up Askey astounding are under pressure now . The owners are great ,the fans are turning out in number home and away and are supportive . A big game to give fans confidence back before really tough games away v Bradford and Crewe who are top of the league and deservedly so.
  8. Super Vale away I’d say the super should be changed to something else . Apart from the fantastic away support which is super the players ain’t ,and the manager certainly isn’t ,yet I hear the fans are queuing from 07.30 this morning to get tickets and was busy till noon . So well done them who continue to support our woeful away slackers
  9. As I did not attend I can only go on my sons comment It was rhymes with hit Played off the park by a club who’s players haven’t being paid ,that is laughable and shows where we are . So there is very little say other than well done Macclesfield you deserved it . As for Askey I feel he should be shown the door . Plays the same back four who consistently are poor and very giving to most teams in this league . Crewe will annihilate us as they seem to have a manager who motivates his team regularly. We will be non league if we are accepting of the rubbish served yesterday . If players cannot motivate themselves to play in front of our supporters home and away and only turn up at home then we will only go one way . A disgrace and not fit wear the shirt Thats the overall view I’ve got from reading folks views on the performance and application put in from them who represented us.
  10. My nephew has two tickets 12 to 17 year old tickets for sale if interested and desperate to go and couldn’t get one or two then first come first served . To get them ring 01782 610570 many thanks . Will have to pick up though Silverdale area ,when ringing ask for Michael Enjoy the game UTV
  11. Three superbly taken goals . So pleased we are sharing the goals around. Im liking the fact Popey is scoring again ,make no bones about he is a tremendous asset as proven when he plays in a two up top . All them injuries and coming back from a goal down tells me the football clubs a happy one . Well done the shanahans for bringing life back to the place and well done the players for making home games for the faithful enjoyable again . Just need to be more resilient away and pick more points up . Easier said than done but 10th place at this stage is very pleasing .but is mainly down to home form . Macc away with a sell out away following should tell us if we have the strength to cope away . UTV
  12. I don’t see how any game we should win handsomely,especially when it looks like we can concede at any time during a game and we will be without Gibbons who I feel is our best player . Speaking to lad at work who is a Macclesfield fan and Sunderland fan he says Askey can spot talent and in Burgess and Taylor and Amoo that seems the case . My team on sat is this Brown Smith Brisley Legge Joyce Amoo Burgess Taylor Worrall Archer Pope subs Kennedy Bennett And five others Tough tough game I remember Jim Bentleys thrashing us 4-0 at home not so long ago so let’s hope the players are not complacent and put in the performance necessary to win the game . UTV
  13. What a goal Jake Taylor but yet again we concede a late goal ,haven’t seen any of their goals and have no wish to do so but it’s very alarming we are conceding so many goals away from home . Great that we are having many different goalscorers . Disappointing that I hear that once Gibbons was stopped by there clever manager that we lost momentum and Orient alledgedly were the better side thereafter. Gotta be happy with a point away but not when you are winning with injury time being played 93rd minute Vale all they had to do was every player do there jobs but they didn’t and defensively we continue to give teams a leg up and hope when really you press harder when you winning . Its like Stoke they let Notts Forest into there box 5 times last night and were punished 3 times . We are dopey it’s as simple as that. That away following and Taylor’s mega strike (world class )deserved better
  14. Didn’t go yesterday as pick and choose the games I attend . So seeing how the game panned out on sporting life it seemed that on goal attempts that Mansfield were by far the better side so to get a point was very good if not deserved better to play poorly and draw than well and lose . Seen the goals first goal for Vale a very well worked goal and finished well by Cullen . Second goal another set piece so well done on the work what’s going on the training ground . The penalty is a ridiculous decision but sometimes you get dodgy decisions like Amoo v Shrewsbury so swings and roundabouts. A point is better than none so happy that the fans who did attend had a nice ending to a poor display. UTV
  15. At home there is very good morale around the place ,I noticed that last week a togetherness to win games and no lack of encouragement from the Vale faithful. So let’s hope we don’t have to use players who are not up to the job and get the better players back on the pitch . Tough game made tougher by the fact Mansfield have just lost heavily on there own patch . So they will be smarting. Team well who’s fit and raring go . Hopefully Gibbons if no one else and be nice have Amoo back and Oyeleke who is no use to us injured we need him in every game . Id give Pope and Cullen a shirt also as we should be up and at them from the start not one up top and hope Worrall and Montano are at full pelt all the time . So I’d go with Brown Gibbons Smith Legge Montano Worrall Joyce Oyeleke Amoo Pope Cullen (or Bennett Cullen or Pope Bennett not really fussed just feel we need to be going for it straight from kick off . I like Crookes he did ok v Plymouth but not so well v Exeter So I’d take him out the firing line in this must win game . Folk may laugh at that comment but the way we going we going need win every home game to stayin the league as away we are losing all the time . UTV
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