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  1. You got a link pls 😀
  2. Just watching the highlights on SS - the first goal was started from gibbo clearing his lines from virtually our corner flag - few passes later and it was in the net. Quality goal all round
  3. Delighted with the result today! I thought we had messed up our chances after Colchester, but fair play to the team for getting us up. I thought we managed the second half brilliantly UTV
  4. Hall could also shift to the middle. Benning does the left gibbo and worrall wing backs. 50 mins til we find out!
  5. Me neither. my guess is back 3 -smith central, gibbo right . worrall and benning wing backs
  6. Just back. Not had chance read the thread. First half we just didnt seem at it. Worrall didnt seem his normal self and their centre backs were winning everything (not sure why we persist with the same route when we can see something isnt working) Second half better when we pushed garrity further forward. Worrall to be fair showed some glimpes of his old form towards the very end. We also started winning headers when proctor came on + seemed better balanced with Benning on the left. To be fair to Swindon they had good movement all over the pitch / set pieces. Glad we are still in this - two goal defecit would of been tough, but we can beat these.
  7. Just double checked. Swindon site says bar 71 opens at 10
  8. whats the bar called? I will be there at 10!
  9. Thanks for the heads up
  10. I remember the home game - there midfield dominated. I know we had 10 men but pretty sure Clarke will have a plan to combat their midfield vale 2 1 tmrw
  11. All sorted. Got there 630 served by a lovely lady who said there were a couple of hundred left, but there were people before/after me, so I think we will sell out. there were 5 others in the office twiddling their thumbs. Shame as they could be answering the phone and/or sending tickets out special delivery. anyway - roll on Sunday
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