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  1. Wont be a popular post but i cant believe some of the posts during the match,yes it wasn't good stuff but lets put a bit of reality in there,for me this result never meant anything today.....it is clear that according to radio some tragedy has hit DC this week and football pales in to insignificance 
    Thinking of you Gaffer

    This. There’s a couple of posters that embarrassed themselves on the thread today.
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  2. Last year Clarke condemned our injury record and said he'd never really had more than a few players injured at a time. He said things would change.
    Sadly what's changed is our injury curse has more than cancelled out his lucky rabbit's foot.
    The players have changed, and I understand so has our medical and fitness department. Is it the pitch to blame? Something to do with the training facilities? Just more bad luck?

    That argument would suffice if it was muscle injuries but it’s not they’re all impact / serious injuries which DC just can’t legislate for. I think it’s just unlucky this season.
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  3. I’m confess there are a few games I haven’t seen this season, but I haven’t seen a game where we have controlled a half like Swindon did against us on Saturday.
    Irrespective, my point was that, save for another daft thread that’s also popped up tonight asking what’s going on, I don’t think anyone was particularly panicking, even me who doesn’t think we’ll get promoted.

    FGR away controlled both halves not just one
  4. Bit harsh ' just scraped past Villa ' . It was a bloody good win .
    As for the game I'll get my tin hat ready.
    I'm treating this as an opportunity for game time in legs with a view to a huge game the week after v Swindon.  That game takes on massive proportions given the league table. 
    Of course I don't want us to lose but because of all the games lost the result is almost irrelevant. 
    Like I say I'll get my tin hat 

    No tin hat required. Swindon game is much bigger!
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  5. I’m not hopeful for this now I have to be honest. These seem to be well up for the game and after yesterday’s farce you’d worry every time the ball was launched in our box. Do it enough times, then they’ll get some joy, guaranteed. 
    This has a 0-2 home defeat written all over it I’m afraid.
    As far the team, I don’t rate Martin at all, we always concede when he plays. So I’d be inclined to go:-

    I can tell you’ve been waiting for us to lose a game. Must’ve been awful when we were winning every game!
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  6. Liking that song with everywhere they go in it think everyone needs learn the words though I'm 50 so I ain't heard it before then sat lots in the paddock and railway stand started singing it and I thought really like this very catchy .
    Big James Wilsons Vales No 9 aswell very good enjoyed sat the atmosphere was very good .

    On Saturday it was literally just “Accrington get battered everywhere they go” probably didn’t help Coleman’s mood
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  7. Great start but last season we were doing this well and the wheels fell off . One game at a time and trust the process.

    Last season all the stats suggested we were lucky at the start and that it wasn’t going to last. This season the stats suggest we are outplaying most teams we play and should actually be higher. Hopefully it lasts!
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  8. I was of the belief that Wilson would be like Pope, but he is nothing like him. Unbelievable to think Wilson had games in the Prem, scored in the Prem, yet Pope never played above league 1.

    Wilson’s never ever been a target man nor was it claimed he was a target man when he signed. So to have a comparison to pope in your head is just strange.
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  9. Positives:
    - Dan Jones looks a very decent player both defensively and offensively.
    - Rodney looked very sharp and far bulkier 'in the flesh'. There'll be a few scouts tracking his progress this season.
    - The depth of the squad is far better. To be bringing on the likes of Proctor and Amoo was refreshing and it'll win us games this season.
    - Both Walker and Garrity look limited. I won't go as far as to call them both 'plodders' because they were up against Foley (who was excellent yesterday) and Spearing (who's one of the best at this level). But, their limitations left a lot on the shoulders of Pett who never really got into the game.
    - Benning. On paper, probably our best signing of the summer. However, he got beaten every single time in the first half by their winger and looked over-weight, flat-footed and one-paced. Cass blocked more crosses in his cameo than Benning did throughout his time on the pitch. If Tranmere's final ball had been better we'd have been in real trouble.
    - Wilson needs a goal. Once he grabs one then I think we'll have a very decent player on our hands but until he does, we're in that limbo stage where we ask 'do we stick with a low-confidence striker or do we bench him in favour of Proctor?'. It's a delicate one for DC to handle.
    Overall, we look a better side than last season. Two solid sides who cancelled themselves out to a certain extent although we definitely had the better chances to win it. Let's stick with them this season, could be a bit of a slow burner but we should be very competitive. 

    Incredibly harsh on Walker that is. I think he does the defensive midfield role really well. Good on the ball and hardly loses a tackle.
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