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  1. Last season all the stats suggested we were lucky at the start and that it wasn’t going to last. This season the stats suggest we are outplaying most teams we play and should actually be higher. Hopefully it lasts!
  2. Convenient your comparing pope to Wilson not Proctor (who is Popes replacement)
  3. Wilson’s never ever been a target man nor was it claimed he was a target man when he signed. So to have a comparison to pope in your head is just strange.
  4. Incredibly harsh on Walker that is. I think he does the defensive midfield role really well. Good on the ball and hardly loses a tackle.
  5. But yet RZ reckons he bullies everyone [emoji23]
  6. Not much more than a push. Yellow even in a normal league game for me.
  7. I agree. Legge’s throws were more loopy than long whereas Jones’ seem quite flat almost like a cross
  8. All he has said is they need to get used to each other and improve defending set pieces which is correct
  9. Almost as if we were playing against a team 2 leagues above us wasn’t it
  10. Waiting for RZ to appear calling for DC to be sacked
  11. Remind where have all the deadwood gone? Exactly.
  12. Isn’t that the case for every football manager?
  13. Can you give a link to the interview where he says that because he has never said that?
  14. Let it go Paul. We all know pope is a legend for us but all good things come to an end and it was blatantly obvious last season he is way past it and his next move will reflect that.
  15. So you didn’t watch any games online then. Let me tell you they all downed tools for about 3 months of the season just in case you weren’t aware.
  16. Did you not see the dossers we were playing last season?
  17. Look at Clarke’s career there’s a few players that tend to follow him not bad considering he’s such a bad man.
  18. The same Brown who isn’t even 2nd choice at his new club?
  19. You’ve only done that so you can have a moan
  20. He might sign Dan Turner (who’s awful) that might make you happy
  21. He mustn’t mind DC bullying him [emoji102]
  22. You need a break from Vale. Log off and enjoy your summer instead of getting yourself wound up!
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