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  1. Why are Bristol fans on here. Get a life you <ovf censored>
  2. Why are Bristol fans on here. Get a life you <ovf censored>
  3. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO <ovf censored> bunch of bottlejobs. Pett Worrall and proctor can <ovf censored> off after that
  4. Hussey is out of position and just back from injury. Why not look at these so called big players. Proctor Wilson Pett Garrity and Worrall have been <ovf censored>.
  5. Disgusting performance. Only charsley ok the rest are <ovf censored>
  6. Strikers players a different game. <ovf censored> shambles
  7. Worrall has been dog <ovf censored> all season. Get gibbons on ASAP
  8. Dreadful again should be 3/4 down. Big players not turned up. AGAIN. Can someone explain what Pett does?
  9. We will. Wilson was far worse I thought. Benning was bad though but didn’t find him any worse than Worrall or the midfield
  10. Got the same risk with the whole 11 then as he was no worse than the others. No idea why your singling him out
  11. Proctor is league 1 Wilson is on his day not consistent enough. Garrity is league 2 but brings so much to the side and is more important than Wilson to our 11
  12. 8 in 39 in the league. He’s no world beater and spent Saturday having a go at other players after he lost the ball. Not fit enough either. garrity is a mid
  13. Everyone raves about a bloke who’s got 8 league goals in 39 league games. That’s nearly 1 in 5 for a striker….
  14. Wilson was a joke yesterday. Don’t appreciate players losing the ball all game and then blaming team mates. So over rated it’s unbelievable
  15. What a <ovf censored> hopeless performances. Wilson needs have a good look at himself after that. Most over rated player in the Divison
  16. Wilson lose the ball again then foul then have a go at team mates
  17. Proctor and Wilson today have been so bad
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