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  1. An impact player that we missed 2nd half of the season. We have no pace or direct runners. Great impact sub
  2. Martin was best player by a mile loads of blocks
  3. Newport and Walsall both losing already. Just shows had bad we have been recently
  4. Watch the game back on sky it clearly shows kt
  5. Dc made the changes on Saturday. Whitehead had ear piece in taking instructions off him…. It’s not tripe in any way shape or form
  6. A guy who comes out and slags fans off does not deserve a testimonial. He was a real <ovf censored> under askey as well
  7. Sign players that can play more than a handful of games before being injured would be a start
  8. Put it however you want to. We’ve <ovf censored> it right at the end. Bunch of bottlejobs
  9. Yea but it’s not the start of the season is it? Irrelevant we’ve <ovf censored> up autos and probably won’t make play offs. Big budget signed loads of players. Should be going up.
  10. Signed a load of <ovf censored> in January
  11. Who chose take charsley off today? We were utter <ovf censored> when he was subbed
  12. Oldham? Hartlepool? Bristol? Walsall? He’s been anonymous for weeks
  13. In recent weeks I meant. He’s not played well for months
  14. Embarrassing to <ovf censored> this up in the way we have. Literally 2 wins from the 4 would have been enough.
  15. Smith isn’t good on the ball but <ovf censored> me he ain’t the issue. Have a word with the big players that haven’t turned up for weeks. Pett has been <ovf censored> without Conlon. Garrity until today has been no good. Wilson overrated never scores. Proctor horrible today. Hussey what a signing he’s been. Nearly as bad as that cooper
  16. He wasn’t that bad was he. How many actual goals were his fault. He’s been no worse than the other January signings other than hall
  17. Good for you. Don’t disagree. Post about it on your forum.
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