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  1. We were the sick man of Europe, we made things and fed ourselves. We had cod wars with Iceland, fishing rights based on historic agreements. We imported meat from Australia which China now buys. Lots of things have changed since then. Spent four years on a fantasy whilst the country has wasted away, and losing access to our biggest market.
  2. They have done so, we have not come up with a suitable one, 27 other countries have to agree.
  3. They are trade laws not civil laws
  4. The EU have a way, NI becomes an independent state within the EU, border with Britain in the sea, no need for a land border with Ireland. Just need the DUP to agree.
  5. Perhaps times are changing
  6. Tobacco barons still active. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/13/peers-call-on-jenrick-to-explain-opposition-to-smoke-free-zones
  7. At what point do we take testing off Serco and give it to the professionals in the local health and social services in the NHS. Are we all going to fork out £1000 each to fund the Moonshot run by the donor companies?
  8. Brexit is not the problem, it is implementing it. It was a fantasy, that is the problem. May setting the ball rolling before we had an outline l did not help, fear that people would realise what Brexit was , was the driver. We now have a government out of control, ignoring international law, easy to imagine any respect for UK law. Whether there are enough remnants of the Conservative party left to slow them down, who knows.
  9. I used to smoke, but it would take a then week's wages to buy a pack of 20 today. Not only inflation but the high rate of tax, peoples choice I guess.
  10. Pretty serious being sacked by a newspaper for lying in my mind. It used to be a serious offence for mis-leading the HofP
  11. Tobacco baron`s lobby and loss of tax revenue are powerful arguments not to ban smoking, maybe votes in it too.
  12. I cannot empathise with any voter who believes a PM that has previously been sacked for lying.
  13. Mere mortals don't usually sign international treaties, they are pored over by many teams of specialist legal experts as well as lengthy scrutiny by both houses of parliaments before a symbolic signature. As for the partition in Ireland, keep the solution quiet it is worth a fortune.
  14. The clown signed it, the Irish border was always insoluble
  15. Johnson coming out with his wopping lies again. The conundrum of Ireland and the WTO border was solved with May`s backstop, all Johnson did was cover it in Xmas wrapping paper as a new deal and pretend it did not exist. The border is either on land, unacceptable to the peace agreement or a compromise in the irish Sea. It is not the EU wanting the border but it is a WTO requirement unless there is a trade deal. The purpose of Parliament is to scrutinise government business, but sadly it is too much effort for the current imposters.
  16. Reunite Ireland is the only solution. What is good enough for Ireland will suit Scotland and Wales. Maybe the Midlands and the North to follow and leave the greedy South East to wallow in their mess.
  17. Ask Johnson where the Irish EU border is, after all he agreed to it in the WA .
  18. And parliamentary lawyers have a language of their own.
  19. It is Johnson or Cummings who is proposing to renege on the irish border agreement
  20. National capacity and local availability are not the same thing.
  21. All sovereign nations and the EU are subject to international law, what has it reneged on?
  22. Keele and Stoke on Trent in the spotlight, is it true? I have been away for 50 years https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/sep/09/covid-is-a-social-crisis-the-university-staff-and-students-filling-welfare-gaps
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