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  1. She is only a MP not the bloke controlling the Bluster in Chief, and has apologized
  2. His Trump card, for the sympathy vote, but how do you get sympathy for a hoax?
  3. Being allowed to vote is the problem.
  4. Hard to see him being inferior to the blustering clown, the standard is certainly very low at present.
  5. Nor would Corbyn have handed out NHS 111 contracts to firms giving little training to new employees.
  6. In unprecedented times when there is a need to unite the nation the answer in the past has been a National Government.
  7. The major difference would have been the Test and Trace system, it would have been given to the NHS to run instead of to a gang of Cummings mates, Serco etc. The NHS would not have been under-staffed of nurses and doctors and the waiting lists of non pandemic patients soaring.
  8. May had a balanced cabinet, even some of the current nutters
  9. Vote for a unicorn, end up with a hobby horse. Can't send it back because referenda in England are set in stone, whereas the Swiss change their minds when reality is known.
  10. An autocratic government with Murdochs henchmen at the centre of it.
  11. Best to ask the Swiss they have been doing it for a long time, only need to do it once a year, as we do district and county elections on the same day. Who decides which bills come to parliament? Not many at present with the current dictat rule.
  12. 4 should be enough, over a 5 year parliament that would be 20 items, surely sufficient to guide the rulers on national matters. Local referenda also held as well as public votes on very local matters similar to our parishes. With having more say in political decisions perhaps more people would take an interest in politics.
  13. The Swiss govern by referenda, not like us who only use referenda when the result is known before hand. Slight problem Cameron got it wrong. Highest form of democracy, but takes away power from Governments to please themselves and relies on informed voters. FPTP is the worst form but only the people can change it and they have to be informed or very angry.
  14. Guardiola`s teams have only conceded 3 hat-tricks , 2 against Vardy the other against Messi. Pity he had been subbed before Leicester`s 3rd pen otherwise he would have been the first to score 4.
  15. People change their minds, mainly due to Brexit apparently, since free movement works both ways Reuters " 63-37% vote Opinion polls had found most voters opposed the plan, which would have given non-EU member Switzerland unilateral control of immigration but severely disrupted ties with the EU, the country's biggest trading partner. "
  16. The lack of border was the result of the Good Friday agreement, US involved in that as well. End the partition in Ireland, Border in the Sea , or restore the NI land Border are the options. The EU could pay the price of uniification of Ireland by paying the subsidies that the UK contribute to NI at present plus any additional costs that occur, NI would of course have to vote for it as well.
  17. Don`t you see the difference between internal rules within the EU and external International agreements?
  18. Will there be separate access for UK lorries entering Kent from England.
  19. What the hell is this? 10,000 excess deaths in peoples' homes in the last 3 months. People dying because the are frightened of going to a hospital or care home? How many uncounted corona?
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