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  1. Where is all the money going with poor results? https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/five-person-team-gets-£25k-a-day-to-work-on-test-and-trace-system/ar-BB1a4aVJ?ocid=msedgntp
  2. There is also Long Covid with non-deadly effects which people will suffer from for unknown periods, mainly younger people.
  3. One rule for Cummings, for us tough. has a house built without permission, does not even have to pay back council tax never mind demolish the house.
  4. Starmer`s proposition Johnson is the follower, but will the financial support be there?
  5. Correct, 3 weeks ago before things were getting out of hand with exponential growth. the money is there as it was for the Bankers.
  6. Government decision to open the Universities , they could have insisted on remote learning.
  7. I have been promised a test from Imperial College London , so should be safe.
  8. Look at the big picture. If you dont want students to mingle, let them study remotely at home, but then the landlords will lose their income.
  9. A government has to do what is required not what it can get away with. Why are we in such a state? Where is the World beating Test and Trace? Not with the local health professionals but with friends of the government, took 6 months and £12Billion to realise that.
  10. Sage advice 3 weeks ago clearly explained and justified, not the shambles that Johnson has come up with. No wonder there is discontent tonight.
  11. Following medical advice, but it was needed 3 weeks ago,
  12. Southern counties complaining that positive students are counted against home addresses not their student addresses which is increasing their counts.
  13. A Government spending money willy nilly without public audit.
  14. Test, trace, and isolate if people can afford to.
  15. 2 or 3 weeks late again according to minutes just published.
  16. Contract things out without knowing what it is and wonder why it does not work.
  17. Would a Database program have been more appropriate than a spreadsheet for the Test and Trace?
  18. Mine will be the same, as with a lot of people.
  19. Test and Trace, cost £8 Billion, took 6 months, and dependent on a under-powered Excel program. The future is bright, the World awaits. who elected these clowns?
  20. The Coronavirus thread is concerned about the UK, Trump is best kept away from the UK.
  21. Why is the situation so bad? tps://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/02/incompetence-brexit-johnson-cummings-pandemic
  22. Cummings is only an employee so easily sackable, but MPs are elected by their constituents not as easy.
  23. I do not know the SNP rules for sacking MPs or anyone from the SNP, she could still stay as a MP, the simplest way is if she resigns and there is a by-election.
  24. What power does Sturgeon have over a UK MP, I assume the leader of the SNP in Parliament removes the whip.
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