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  1. A competent advisor would have said for your own benefit sack me.
  2. Advisors are not allowed to make public statements upon political controvesy , more rules to be broken? Or perhaps he occupies a different position?
  3. If he took a photo of the car on his mobile, the time will be recorded.
  4. Of course they are his rules, members of Sage are quite clear on that. Plenty of care in London. Kinnock was not breaking his own rules.
  5. But Cummings was breaking his own rules that millions had abided to at great personal loss.
  6. Being pedantic, only Tory members voted for Johnson, the rest voted for a local MP. Everyone knew what he was like.
  7. Campaign to set up a Boo for Boris 8pm Tuesday
  8. Possible police investigation https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/24/witness-complains-to-police-about-dominic-cummings-as-pressure-mounts
  9. No doubt the report of a stolen car belonging to a head of state has been kept quiet due to security reasons by Scotland Yard.
  10. One of the 18 questions the Telegraph is asking, why did Cumming`s` sister not come down to collect the lad, when the Telegraph asks 18 questions of a Tory PM he should be worried.
  11. Johnson could not win, he either sacked Cummings or the 22 committee will sack him
  12. Do not leave your home for any reason, that is why the rates came down.
  13. It appears that Johnson dug a bigger hole, no wonder they keep him off TV
  14. What was the special care that the Cumming`s child required that was not available in London from relatives and friends in London?
  15. How can a man with such lack of judgement be the PM
  16. Gutless Prime Minister has to go, lost support of the country
  17. What story is Johnson going to come up with at 17.00 ? Kick it into the long grass with an enquiry?
  18. Like countless millions who stayed at home and kept to the rules for the common good.
  19. Lock-down - Do not leave your home for any reason. How unclear is that? Call a relative, friend, public/private service if you need to.
  20. As I said politics is murky, I don`t disagree, just consider them as reporters reporting what that have been told without fully journalist investigation.
  21. I suppose it is the difference between a columnist who writes opinions, points of view etc, usually to reflect the wishes of his employers, and a journalist who reports news. Not that I am saying the boundaries are clear, but there are some subjects that have to be accurate, but politics are murky.
  22. We have enough problems in England to question, it is up to them how they use their devolved powers .
  23. It is not a football match, Johnson only holds Cumming`s cards, a weak manager risks his own position, especially now the back benches are getting restless.
  24. Piers Morgan is putting the pressure on now, he will go and visit his parents if Cummings is not fired today.
  25. I have it on good authority that the question has already been asked. Sturgeon cuts her own hair during the lockdown. The more sensitive question was not, but hair dye is available on line in any case.
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