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  1. Cummings and goings is OK for some
  2. Where is Cyprus apart from in the Med?
  3. Like saying the Vale don`t score many goals because the opposing defence is too weak.
  4. Poverty and cramped living conditions obviously are factors. A higher proportion of workers will have jobs that cannot be done at home., so more interaction., shown by increase in cases mainly under 40s, over 65s flat
  5. I know nothing about Bradford in that respect. Leicester`s sources are now thought to be mainly from food factories rather than textile ones, and possibly the opening of a 100 schools early June.
  6. Unbelievable indeed. Hancock signed the contract with Deloitte the company organising the testing data , but did not include the instruction to pass the data onto the LAs or PH England. No wonder they were in the dark.
  7. Expectations of a New Years Eve demand on the Police and NHS
  8. The outbreak in Leicester got out of hand because of lack of post code info from govt/Serco based on Pillar2 testing. to local authorities. Factories making protective clothing, masks to deal with Corona Virus would be legitimate. Housing problems in general see Ross Kemp on Thursday.
  9. The cause is more likely to be found in food processing and textile factories.
  10. Better prepared to deal with pandemics. As the SAS say PPPPPP
  11. How local authorities are kept in the dark by not seeing pillar 2 corona tests, which now are the vast majority of test results which are only published nationally. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/30/coronavirus-uk-are-cases-rising-or-falling-near-you
  12. I would struggle to get up Mow Cop 😀
  13. Thanks Sage, but it is a specialist shop outside the city borders but within the lockdown border. Incidently Nottingham police are saying keep away. Just have to wait a few more weeks. The system is far too slow, this was happening 3 weeks ago, Serco seem to keep everything in house, even now the local services/councils are in the dark. Locals know the areas , central control doesn`t work.
  14. Some very ill people died early, and no doubt there are fewer road fatalities as well. 65,000 excess deaths in a population of 67,000.000 may mean something if a detailed analysis is made, but the main thing iis the current figure which is good news at present. Currently I am checked if the shop i was going to is in the Leicester lockdown.
  15. Caused by people dying earlier than they would have done.
  16. The party does not matter, it is how effective the leadership of the government is, and what their priorities are. Also In the idiot stakes Ttump takes some beating.
  17. We were not on the front line, we had other countries experiences to apply with at least 2 weeks notice.
  18. The lockdown will have produced some indirect Covid 19 deaths, such as suicides, starvation, etc, but the vast majority of the excess deaths will be direct Covid deaths, as shown by recent graphs.
  19. There is one way, if everyone who is ill is tested, no matter where they are either in hospital or in a care home. But in any case total deaths cannot lie, the excess deaths will be apparent as a reference to the UK
  20. I am not bothered what Corbyn thinks but supporting Palestine does not make him anti-Semitic on that basis.
  21. Quote I 'Whoever does not recognise the Jewish People and the State of Israel falls in antisemitism.'" But two different items lumped together , and perhaps his opinion is biased?
  22. That is not being anti-semitic, it is the Jewish people who would receive the hatred with that, not the state of Israel. How can Arabs be anti-semitic when they speak a semitic language?
  23. But how can a state be the recipient of anti-semitic hatred?
  24. But are not a large % of UK Care Homes in private hands, so what was their problem ? No matter what the system, underfunding of a health system cannot get equivalent results
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