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  1. Explain the situation and the job is his if he wants it
  2. Advise him of the working conditions and the job is his if he still wants it.
  3. Would depend upon the workplace, they may be required to be dynamic and outgoing. Lots of variables, also lots of reasons why some are chosen over others.
  4. No, if the candidate was lacking a social skill, but if you mean the wrong class or race that would be. Something for HR to sort out.
  5. As far as I am concerned to be qualified for a job is to meet the requirements of the job description, the components of the description being the qualifications for the job. They can include anything from academic or educational attainments to practical/subject expertise, social abilities etc.
  6. C Change qualification to read suitability for the job if you wish to be pedantic. One of the qualifications for a job maybe length of experience for example.
  7. Of course it is discrimination if you don`t give the best person the job, qualification goes beyond paper, to personal qualities that the organisation needs.
  8. 3 people all different races apply for a job. The most qualified person for the job should get it. All races are then being treated equally, otherwise discrimination takes place.
  9. Turtle Johnson given appropriate backdrop. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/aug/26/books-seen-behind-boris-johnson-tell-their-own-story
  10. How can a song be sung without singers? Just another diversion story.
  11. The Germans with a declining birth rate as with the Japanese, have taken different views, Merkel`s humanitarian offer to the Middle East war zones was also an opportunity to gain trained employees. As far as remember about 30% have jobs.
  12. How many asylum seekers are now settled in Germany contributing to the economy, how many are doctors working in the pandemic ?
  13. Language is obviously a factor, a qualified doctor with a knowledge of English will find it easier to meet the language standard than starting from scratch learning German.
  14. The The old, old story, solutions come from the lions at the front line, not the donkeys at the top.
  15. Interesting views within a hospital https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/aug/23/it-was-an-act-of-principle-the-covid-doctor-who-quit-over-cummings
  16. They should only refer to the same period, Either annual, a particular month or part year, compared to the average a rolling 5 year period, Supposed to average out good and bad flu years. The average life span in the North is in decline compared to the South being another factor.
  17. Can anyone be sure when Covid deaths began in the UK? The total number of deaths is the concern, why ? Due to a new disease or living standards falling for certain groups of people?
  18. Govt only counted hospital deaths, there were not enough tests to go around in any case. Extra deaths are deaths above the average for previous months/years. haggling over numbers is just a smoke screen for incompetence and lack of preparation. I fear the worst for next winter.
  19. Dont see what it has to do with Customs, but if they are accepted on a plane with a passport and arrive without one they have broken their terms of travel and should be sent back by passport control.
  20. It is possible some may have done. We all die at some point , nobody likes to die early. Preventative measures are always being sought, and new causes of death appear from time to time. Only total annual deaths give an indication of how we are coping with nature and a changing world. Covid 19 may well be looked back on as a minor event compared to global warming, I will not be around to comment.
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