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  1. Vitamin K deficiency now found to be a factor too. Found in Spinach, eggs, hard and blue cheeses.
  2. Did Johnson chicken out or was he just in his usual mode? Anyone fancy a Kentucky Fried Johnson?
  3. The NHS gets the blame, Serco take the profits. South Korea a world apart, we have no hope of emulating them.
  4. Experts have been out of fashion, dogma and bean counters the order of the day. Knowing where to seek advice is the clever bit, from what I have read only a narrow range of medical advice was sought, after all we do a lot of disaster work overseas with epidemics, famines, war zones, and so on.
  5. I could not find where it had come from, I assume Qatar, but it had 2 Australians on it. Will have another look.
  6. I assume a temperature test would be made on anyone taking a flight, however a flight has recently landed in Athens with 12 of 91 passengers testing positive, all passengers now in quarantine. Costs borne by the Greek government, Cyprus doing similar. Have we set aside a budget for a similar scheme?
  7. Very conciliatory , answering a confidential letter with a conference call, pompous buffoon.
  8. U Turn on proxy voting within PMQ, is that a first?
  9. Should have let his hair grow. Perfect for planted questions didn`t need to look for a little tower in his notes. What a PPP even with a prompt.
  10. How confident are you that each country uses the same measurements? Where do Germany stand?
  11. Excess deaths per million of population is the only worthwhile comparison between countries. Ignoring the chance of a parallel undetected plague, in a particular country , national performance will be highlighted. Preparedness and management of the situation can be compared on a level playing field without cherry picking.
  12. The tariff on imports of Japanese cars was 10% until Japan agreed a deal with the EU to reduce the tariff to 0% over 10 years. Thus the economics of manufacturing in Europe will decline, better to manufacture in Japan with jobs for their own people. JIT in one country will be a further advantage.
  13. Unfortunately a period of rain on the way.
  14. Hospital deaths have other aspects the latest Telegraph weekly deaths show 13,826 against the 5 year average of 11,235, giving an excess of 2,591 but there were 2,872 Covid deaths. Thus compared to previous years some never made it to hospital, I assume these would include people trying to avoid Covid in hospital or lack of capacity. I dont know the situation in Germany though.
  15. Comparing total deaths from one year to another, any large increase will be due to a reason like famine or a pandemic. Excess deaths in any year or month compared to an average of recent years/months will be clear. A country with lower excess deaths compared to its neighbours is likely to have handled a pandemic more effectively, especially with similar sized populations. Germany was clearly better prepared to deal with Corona than some other countries.
  16. Err on the side of caution is my motto at present. Stay at home has not changed, why such a vast range of shielded cases were told it was OK out of the blue, it was not a medical decision. Most people affected will be careful I am sure, purely a gimmick in my mind. Happy Monday is a very big risk.
  17. Does that include the eye test
  18. Gerrymandering the vote by not allowing MPs unable to attend not being allowed to vote electronically as at present.
  19. There have always been isolation wards/hospitals, Why would you need more than one properly dressed person with a patient on a trolley or wheel chair? What would be the problem with a properly dressed second person? Most large hospitals will have to be divided up to cater for ongoing Coronavirus over the coming months/years.
  20. Trump still in the presidential bunker?
  21. Ramped up figure of Jiffy bags to be shown daily
  22. Context and perspective says not
  23. My dislike is for the performance with the Pandemic of Cummings and Johnson, what the opposition do is their responsibility and accept the consequences .
  24. Kinnock is a separate issue. He has no effect on the Coronavirus situation.
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