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  1. 29 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:
    1 hour ago, Fosse69 said:

    Sometimes? Try all the time. Their assumptions are the sort you would expect a six year old to make. They're quite frankly dangerous and should never have been used as the basis of policy making. I don't blame the modellers per se, I blame the people that never challenged them and their assumptions until it's too late.

    An explanation of the process, whether politicians don`t understand or misrepresent is a bigger problem. The projections themselves cause reactions positive or negative.  The alternative is to do nothing.

  2. 1 hour ago, LancyTony said:

    Spending on the backroom staff doesn't affect the playing budget. Spending on a sensible backroom staff shows that - finally - some thought is being given to the long-term of the club. Also, staff have left since DF started to assemble the backroom staff he...and the owners...believed they needed to become a successful and sustainable football club. The romantic idea that we just need a Rudgie in charge is...sadly...outdated.  

    What would Vale Park have been like without the Rudge era?  Mainly terraced, old Bycars stand, no cover Hamil end, no Lorne St stand. At least we now have a ground to cope with a spell in the Championship even if it takes a few seasons to get there, we are starting with better conditions. 

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  3. I honestly would prefer promotion over a sustainable squad. All for the latter stuff but we need to escape his hell pronto. No more Stevenage away. 
    One promotion place left assuming Tranmere or Mansfield burn up. So the lottery of the POs left. How much do we need to spend to change that? What were the expectations at the beginning of the season, the lottery or top 3?
  4. 1 minute ago, Bycarsbill said:

    I think we all want higher standards in public life, but the police can only follow the law and not morals!

    I am expecting the people to judge, the law is based on morals too.

  5. 54 minutes ago, 1 said:

    Why don’t they pay decent players more, then if anyone complains tell them that the more expensive player has achievements inkeeping with their remuneration. Want more money? Do good football stuff and then ask.

    I assume they do pay their better/experienced  players more, just have a limit.  

  6. 10 minutes ago, valiant_593 said:

    I’m glad we’re not breaking the bank, it’s a great approach for a club these days, especially when you see the mess some get in; although I thought we may have had a little more money behind us to actually get players like that  

    Interesting on Rodney, league 1 clubs interested. 

    Personally don’t think we need to replace Gibbo, more than enough cover there 

    Rodney is a gamble, there is something there, easy enough to put a few of his goals, assists etc together for his CV

  7. I can’t see why NUFC would want a fee for him. Perhaps his agent will be looking to get him placed at a L1 team. Is it just me but NUFC seem to be struggling to recruit players. I’m not sure if it’s the fact their new owners are Saudi Arabian or their current league position, I suspect a bit of both.
    League position, quality players want European football next season.
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  8. In recent days the BBC News had led with the issues in Ukraine. And after stating that Labour was only concerned with “******* cake” Howjy then tells us that Thornbury said Ukraine was more important. I do wish people would make their mind up. 
    No bodies going to war, even if Russia did cross the border, the US would just increase trade sanctions and is already preparing to increase gas supplies to Europe.
  9. As was/is the main concern of the wretched BBC who devote hour upon hour to the same subject saying the same thing over and over again on all of their broadcasting outlets, whilst practically ignoring other far more serious events that are taking place in the wide world.
    A huge bit of a coincidence their obsession with cake comes just as the license fee is under scrutiny again.
    Millions of people missed their Birthday treats during Lockdown, but Johnson had his. One law for us but not for him?
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  10. With or without Johnson the Conservative Party will still be in charge.Yesterday the main concern of the government was the potential war in the Ukraine.Labour’s main concern was ******* cake.
    The people are concerned on the scale of corruption. Surely terrified with the threat that Johnson could ever be involved in a war, the Super Donkey leading lions.
  11. Tip of the iceberg is the cake. 1000 firms had got support £5billion total, who were not even trading. Money handed out willy nilly, not even worth chasing, written off by the Chancellor.

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  12. The root of the Sleaze, dictatorial powers from a minority vote in an outdated electatorial system from centuries ago. Nothing will change until the people grasp the nettle.

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