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  1. On average, I'd say it's at the top end of League One. Given the way the rosters are built you get the standout stars of Bale, Beckham, Rooney etc but there is also some Godawful players in there too.
  2. Correct, the club sold the stadium to one of Mel Morris' companies before the club going into admin. So basically he sold it himself, then plunged the club's future into doubt.
  3. Correct - 5 subs over 3 in-game stoppages. You also get chance to make changes at half time which doesn't count towards these stoppages. This is current approach in MLS and has been so since the restart of football since the pandemic. The amount of late goals increases due to the extra fresh legs and all-in-all adds to the excitement and unpredictability of the game. If the Vale recruitment team do their jobs well this summer we should see more players coming into the club that can come on and make an impact when these extra late changes are made. In theory, it should also reduce the amount of injuries if done correctly.
  4. They're already talking about us on a thread about the takeover on UpTheSaddlers: Embarrassing.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see him stay. He's been a colossus during the run-in and the dark arts have been a great addition to his game but I'm just going off what I've heard from inside the club. I hope it's not true. Someone mentioned 5k a week offered by Stockport on here, I heard 3k. Regardless, it's a step up from the well publicised ceiling of £1,350 mentioned earlier in the season. I wouldn't begrudge him for taking them up on the offer, but let's hope he stays.
  6. Pretty sure Nathan Smith will be playing League Two football again when the season starts. Port in the name? Yes. Port Vale? No.
  7. I don't think you understand how many Democratic supporters have and love their guns too.
  8. Didn't realise Kingsley James and Mark Goodlad were on the staff there!
  9. It's a pretty good listen - I signed up for the month just for his episode and it was worth it. He can't speak highly enough of the club and says he's enjoying his football more than ever, which is showing on the pitch. I'd recommend it.
  10. Agreed. Revert to a 352 - Charsley for Cooper; or Jones for Cooper and push Walker forward.
  11. Glenn Whelan valued £720,000?! Says everything you need to know about that article.
  12. Me and my wife were over in New Zealand when Covid came to everyone's attention and left in October 2020. Closing their borders and enforcing lockdowns, whilst seeming excessive, was and is absolutely the right thing to do. By the time we left, there had been about 2,000 cases with a tiny 25 deaths. As of today, they still only have 2,992 cases and there has been ONE further death, taking them to 26. Initially, the borders were closed to stop the spread because so many tourists visit NZ from China and it was around the time of Lunar New Year, meaning the potential for. The recent outbreaks in Auckland could very quickly spell major trouble as two thirds of the NZ population live in there.
  13. Yesterday was a mixed bag for me. First half was more or less even, both sides threatening but neither grabbing a goal. Second half was better. It reminded me of the home game against Oldham last year - chance after chance but no-one there to finish it off. I don't think another striker is the answer. Proctor played well in the first half and I was surprised to see him removed. Wilson didn't do a lot as his replacement and he's not so good at holding up the ball. Rodders had plenty of the ball but didn't do much with it. Seemed like he would rather take the extra touch than pull the trigger. The shot that bloke has is amazing - surprised he doesn't use it more often. Legge was immense again and must pose somewhat of a headache for Clarke. Garrity isn't a straight swap with Conlon in terms of his role in the team, but he runs and runs and has defensive value further up the field. Walker looked good on the ball with a couple of sexy passes. Pett keeps it ticking over but got caught in possession more that he should for an experienced midfielder. Shape-wise I felt like we were screaming out for a 4-3-3 once we got on top. As mentioned already, Worrall in a more attacking role isn't so effective once he's played 60 minutes at wingback and his delivery wasn't as good as it usually is. Amoo provided a threat when he came on but I can't see him starting many games. Seems much more like an impact sub. Strikers win games, defences win titles. I'm not worried.
  14. Cincinnati are doing dreadfully in the MLS so far, but as less physical and more end-to-end game, it might suit him. I've recently moved to New England and have a Revs season ticket, so I'll be sure to give him our best wishes at the end of the month 😉
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