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  1. Having just read all that, it’s clear to me WE MUST BOYCOTT THE FOOD KIOSKS
  2. The last time legge took a couple of long throws he was holding and rubbing his shoulder after so could have shoulder problem
  3. He must be hiding something that will be uncovered if he ever sells the club, he just must be, why would he not sell for that new offer , he must be feeling the stress of it all, just sell up smurf and go and enjoy the rest of your life on a nice warm beach ,
  4. Was a lot paying for tickets against tranmere , I was surprised so many would pay
  5. Not renewing with smurf at the elm, will pick the games I want to attend, when we went 1-0 down yesterday a nail was planted in the coffin, the worry was there to see on peoples faces around me, how I felt yesterday was just a warm up for our final home game against Macclesfield by which time I feel I will be shedding a tear to the love I have been married to for 53 years , I believe we will be relegated on or before the Mac game , hope I’m wrong , my heart is hurting
  6. I’m not looking forward to this , but will drag myself down again, just hope for some effort from the players
  7. Season ticket last 6 years , and many years on and off last 40 years , I breath black and white, but this last 2 seasons really got at me , not renewing,
  8. Where is Ben Williamson playing now
  9. Glad for the break away from the vale, normal service will resume for me on Saturday,
  10. I’ve seen so many so called vale legends in my time but although not a player I’m sticking this bloke in there with them, nothing to much trouble for him , attended so many charity events with boomer, would help anyone , not a bad bone in his body , a truly great chap R I P errol
  11. I can’t see how the gate can be fiddled , the police box I understand has every click on the turnstile adding up as fans enter each part of the ground, would it be in vales or smurfs interest to fiddle the gate, big punishment I would of thought if get caught, from F A and the tax man
  12. Massive vale back in the day
  13. I’m going be in the minority here , but Williams is the best of the bunch by far, most of the time he’s negative which reflects what I’m seeing on the pitch, he has good knowledge of opposing players, and sees way before me when opposition have changed formation during a game, just imagine if Williams had said vale had made a mistake letting Barnet go out on loan ,he would of got slaughtered yet this is exactly what Yates said last week before the Northampton game
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