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  1. The only thing I can add to this is it was actually a steward who opened the exit gate I think to let one person in , it was obvious what was going to happen and first one fan pushed his way in then couple more with the steward trying on his own to force the gate back shut then the rush of a few hundred , the stewards managed close the gate eventually still leaving fans outside ( myself included) . See you Saturday
  2. Wonder if anyone from the club comes on OVF to see this thread eg mr garlicky or mr tideswell, what should be certain is the operators in the police box should of seen the chaos outside at 3 pm as there are cameras in that area above the turnstiles
  3. Sorry Jami but the club definitely put out info that all season tickets seats would be held until Friday the day before the game and then go on general sale on Saturday. On Friday afternoon the ground planner showed the lorne street completely sold out then on Saturday morning lots of seats became available
  4. In fairness to the supporters who were told there tickets would be held until Friday and then it is sold before that date that is a little bit harsh on the season ticket holder I would say. And this particular supporter was waiting all the way up to Friday to be negative from a bout of Covid
  5. Another issue , I went to get my ticket on Friday morning for my season ticket seat in the railway stand only to be told sorry we have already sold that seat ticket to someone else online , and I know I’m not the only one this happened to Wouldn’t it be great if we could send these issues to someone at the club and they could be followed up
  6. I usually arrive at 2.40 but for unseen circumstances I arrived at 2.50 I can honestly say the Q for the ticket office was the biggest I have seen ,well off the car park and onto the pavement at 2.50, I wonder how many thought it wasn’t worth it and went home. Next I go to the railway stand/paddock turnstiles , didn’t know which was for paddock or stand. It was 3.12 ish and loads waiting outside still but I would after say well behaved where I was and even a good chorus of Stenio is a .... I then saw a steward slightly open the exit gate for whatever reason and then try to close it again, massive rush and loads ( perhaps a few hundred just rushed in ) .I didn’t take the chance of rushing in as I had 2 youngsters with me but waited few more minutes to get our tickets scanned. So I get in my seat at around 3.15.
  7. Looking forward to the game but was disappointed when Friday morning I went to buy our four reserved season ticket seats only to be told sorry one of your tickets has been sold online and no seats free nearby .oh well the joys of being a vale fan . Come on you whites
  8. Yes I heard Adam Yates couple months ago before the kick off saying there was a million pound player in Rodney and was our most saleable asset
  9. I Interesting you said Ian Taylor , I have had this discussion many times but who would you have in your side Robbie Earle or Ian Taylor , most say Robbie Earle for me Taylor just edges it but I think Earle’s longer stay and promotion to div 2 plus him being local most say Earle, both great players
  10. Just to add my own thoughts to the radio stoke debate, why do vale have one commentator and summariser each match, but stoke always have two commentators ( often blakeman and Nigel Johnson ) they do half of each half each and they also have summariser ( usually ex player) and also that woman Angela Smith ,does my bbc license fee pay all of these or are some of them voluntarily at the games? And on another note the lad summarising at Newport for the vale game from the podcast did a wonderful job ,give me a vale fan with knowledge of the game over Yates , sproey , birchall anyday
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