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  1. Just got my ticket online. The whole process took about a minute...took me longer to find my wallet! Must be a lot quieter now.

    I sit in the Paddock and once logged in there was only my seat plus a handful of others scattered around that were not greyed out. My guess is that those are the non-season ticket seats that haven't been sold yet. Obviously, some ST seats will become available after Sunday but still, looking like it might be busy.

  2. The Dean Glover of was Ipswich. I think it was New Year's Day and was a belter! I have a feeling that it may have been voted goal of the season by an Ipswich Fanzine but not certain of that part...

  3. Sorry for bringing back sad memories, Jacko, but thank you for clarifying the date of the game. I thought it was "autumn" time.
    Just out of interest, does Eddie recall if one of the goals was scored very early in the game? I seem to recall my dad saying that we missed a goal! Thank you.

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  4. My first game was sometime around 1970. It was Barnsley at home and I think it finished 1-1. My dad took me to see Barnsley. He was a born and bred Tyke but we had recently moved across to this area so that he could take up a teaching post at the Tech in Burslem. The next game I remember after that was the FA Cup against West Ham ('72?). Again, I remember my dad took me to see West Ham, Bobby Moore et al. So, technically, my first two visits to Vale Park, that I can remember, were to see the opposition!! However, like so many on here we were soon hooked and I've been a regular at Vale Park since the '73-'74 season and had a season ticket virtually ever since. 

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