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  1. Well the inevitable has happened. Leon Legge has been called out on twitter by Piers Morgan. Piers was fishing with a silly tweet but Legge called him a <ovf censored> and then Morgan tweets about the vale game getting called off and tagging Legge.

    Why oh why do we always have one idiot damaging what is such a growing reputation.

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  2. 4,700 home fans when we were third in the league and in arguably the most anticipated home fixture of the season. Not good enough.
    We’ve been saying for years that the crowds will return with better owners and when we’re doing well. I’ve been disappointed with our crowds this season on the whole. 

    On the whole our crowds have been terrific this season. This is the first game we have not had 5000 home fans in a league game.

    Last night was disappointing all round but we must regroup.
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  3. Only started listening to these over the last few weeks when all was well.
    I was concerned that this was going to be all doom and gloom and put me off.
    However I was pleasantly surprised with how sensible all your views were. Fingers crossed we go on another good run now.

    Keep up the good work lads.

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  4. Another game and another win.
    It felt like neither team wanted to score but in the end the own goal sealed it.

    Very strange after the game when the steward refused to open the gate at the bottom in between the paddock and bycars. Meaning fans had to climb back up the steps and walk to the other end of the stand.

  5. Erm, the idea of paying him peanuts on the basis of his inability is perfectly reasonable in that context and anyone insinuating anything else by taking it out of that context has a warped mind. 

    You originally said monkey nuts.
    I accept that you weren’t intentionally trying to say anything racist. All I was saying was that you should reconsider your words as it may be construed differently.
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