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  1. Did he actually catch him or did he just get his leg stuck in the ground.
  2. They have just answered my question on the radio. Started 4-3-3 now playing 4-4-2
  3. Listening on the radio. Anybody who’s watching. Are we set up 4-4-2 or 4-3-3?
  4. Here’s to you Theo Robinson. The vale love you more than you will know.
  5. With all these games getting postponed. It’s only a matter of time before football gets cancelled again.
  6. Not a fan of the kit but great video and proud to be a supporter of this club again.
  7. I remember beating Crawley 3-1 away a few years ago and I thought we were brilliant and had everything to be a top side that season. I thought Michael Tonge would be a class above everyone in the league after that game. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Solid 1-0 win this time.
  8. Thank you Works on phone and laptop but not on the PlayStation.
  9. Once you have purchased the pass. Where on earth do you find the link to the stream?
  10. Right than I also couldn’t login through the smart tv but have been able to login on PS4. Does the stream normally start so many minutes before kickoff?
  11. Plus the hattrick against Cheltenham
  12. I’m not in as strong as a financial position as some but I do want to buy a season ticket Really wish the club would say that matches played without fans will receive a refund if required.
  13. Surely they will charge or give to season ticket holders. My problem is if you have 4 season ticket holders in one house hold. You only need 1 stream.
  14. I thought it was players family and friends. Sure someone will correct if that’s wrong.
  15. And you get £10,000 for a win which helps with no other income.
  16. Very good article. I really want to renew bit struggling to justify paying the money if games are going to be played behind closed doors. I appreciate the club do not themselves have all the answers but it would be good to know that any games behind closed doors will result in refunds for fans who need it.
  17. Anybody know how much the face masks are?
  18. I was very sceptical when Askey took over. Thought he was completely the wrong manager for the job. Well now I have total confidence in whoever he signs no matter what there previous stats were.
  19. Heard a friend from another club say that they think only season ticket holders will be allowed into grounds. Will be I testing to know what the government say closer to October.
  20. I’m sure it will. I know the club needs money to survive but season tickets may have to be cheaper to make value for money.
  21. Agree completely Very disappointed we will miss some games and it actually decreases my appetite for the season. I’m on the fence if I will renew.
  22. Wonder if the club are planning any changes to season ticket prices as it looks like some home games at the start will be behind closed doors. I really do want to help the club but I'm not currently in a financial position to buy a season ticket when i don't know how many games that will include.
  23. No matter the start date I can see a considerable drop in attendance even for us.
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