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  1. Fantastic result. In complete control throughout the whole game. The biggest shock of the day was that we actually had a very good referee performance
  2. You originally said monkey nuts. I accept that you weren’t intentionally trying to say anything racist. All I was saying was that you should reconsider your words as it may be construed differently.
  3. Please reconsider your wording as it is coming across the wrong way.
  4. Does everyone even have free view? I have SKY and don’t even have a normal Ariel for freeview.
  5. However disappointing I find Leon’s opinions on COVID. I wish him a very speedy recovery. It would appear he suffered a seizure last week and was in hospital for a couple of days.
  6. Is it actually shown on the club website? Or just or social media?
  7. Legge has and hopefully will continue to be a terrific ambassador for the club and for epilepsy. Not having a vaccine is fine but encouraging lies on vaccacines is concerning. I hope the club have a quite word for him. We didn’t need another Tom Pope incident
  8. I have noticed Leon Legge has clicked the ‘like’ button on Twitter a lot in relation to anti vaccination which is vey disappointing. I am sure a lot of younger fans would see him normally as an ideal role model but his views on COVID are very concerning.
  9. My question is do the full 4K need to have a negative test before entry?
  10. I was amazed the commentators yesterday called Brisley ‘soft’ in his spell there. No doubt Brialey has been a great defender in this unbeaten run. My concern is I don’t think he’s passed the ball in 6 games. It really is head it and lump it.
  11. Have the club indicated at all when they will announce next year season tickets? I’m sure I heard something somewhere about loyalty rewards?
  12. Port Vale v Hereford 30th January 2010. Can anyone find the highlights to show the assist.
  13. Terrible news. What a shock. Does anyone have the video of that assist when he ran most of the pitch. I can’t even remember the game.
  14. There was a video the other day with a green screen that simply didn’t work. Who does George Andrews even work for?
  15. Been watching a lot of the pre match press conferences. It’s normally split into 3 sections One by radio stoke eithe Lee or Phil Then Mike at the sentinel Who is the third person that comes on?
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