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  1. £590 for 2 season tickets £80 for 2 shirts £230 for 23 away games £70 approx for cup games £20 for vale face masks <ovf censored> me. I think I have a serious problem
  2. I said before. I don’t think Taylor suits a 2 man centre midfield. He thrived under Asksy when playing in a 3 but I probably shouldn’t say anything positive about Askey in case I get abused.
  3. Also think smith is in worse form then legge I do rate Smith but for his own good he needs dropping for at least a month
  4. Absolutely desperate for an experienced manager to come in
  5. Cullen really has been terrible and I personally think Robinson offers us a lot more.
  6. Good point sir Alex I got for the black kit today.
  7. With no fans travelling they might as well leave it until as late as possible.
  8. In fairness I though Sunderland were excellent. Lots of quick passing. As good as they were though we were awful.
  9. I think Taylor and Burgess are both best suited to 3 in midfield. I think we need to be looking for a Griffith/grant player and maybe then Taylor would be better suited. Although would be very hard to not play Conlon.
  10. Conlon has that fight and calmness which could make him a good captain. I think Pope would admit himself that he isn’t captain material. I don’t think he can be bothered with the extra responsibility.
  11. One of the small things I miss. Is after a win Max would do a video of the players going into the dressing room and shaking Sir John’s hand. I know he’s probably not shaking hands due to COVID but would love these small clips to come back.
  12. What a disappointing thing to read from a fellow vale fan.
  13. Should the change ha a happened weeks ago though? For all the abuse of players on here. It’s only after yesterday’s game that it has started on Legge and Smith. I haven’t seen anyone in any the pre match talks not picking both legge and smith in recent weeks.
  14. We are scoring though And when he first took over he changed it up. He’s tried to keep faith with the experienced pair and has now decided to switch it up. That’s change.
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