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  1. How many season ticket holders do we have?
  2. Is that in the paddock around row R seat 150? Approx
  3. I thought we could only make so many changes. Is that an old rule?
  4. We will get drawn against Bye and probably lose
  5. Purchased my tickets yesterday and the lady asked if I wanted to sit in the Lorne street or paddock.
  6. Railway stand shut. Pretty sure there is no cash turnstiles.
  7. Anybody got any ideas on why the beano is called the beano and how long that one has been going?
  8. Interested to know why the fan magazine is called ‘Derek I’m gutted’. Also how long has the fan magazine been going for now?
  9. I don’t know much about the new players. Do we have cover for Joyce in that holding midfield role?
  10. We need all the big lads on away at Colchester. We got absolutely battered last year in the air by them it could have been 5or 6 nil home and away.
  11. Has anybody else had emails saying New Device Login? Had 6 yesterday saying location in Birmingham.
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