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  1. Stoke fans always telling me that their hardcore of fans is 10,000
  2. Could we also raise the issue of food. The stuff at the ground is shocking.
  3. No trouble at stoke today regarding getting in the ground. I know it’s a one off but when was the last time vale had a higher attendance than stoke in the same round of the cup.
  4. Didn’t realise ticket prices went up on the day. Was waiting last minute before paying.
  5. It’s more the case of retweeting crap that’s not true. He can have an opinion but spreading lies does not help.
  6. Personally hope it’s on and looking forward to it but even if the game is on I think the attendance will take a hit.
  7. Well the inevitable has happened. Leon Legge has been called out on twitter by Piers Morgan. Piers was fishing with a silly tweet but Legge called him a <ovf censored> and then Morgan tweets about the vale game getting called off and tagging Legge. Why oh why do we always have one idiot damaging what is such a growing reputation.
  8. Legge is the new Pope on twitter. Wish he would keep his COVID opinions to himself. Constantly retweeting utter <ovf censored>.
  9. That was boss mate. Thanks for the listen.
  10. On the whole our crowds have been terrific this season. This is the first game we have not had 5000 home fans in a league game. Last night was disappointing all round but we must regroup.
  11. Going upppppp Going downnn Going upppppp Going down Vale are going up and Crewe are going down Crewe are going down Crewe are going down
  12. Just listening to the podcast now. Talking of left footed players, can people remember Paul Edwards? I can’t think of a more one footed player.
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