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  1. The home only idea is the first I have heard and think it sounds a very sensible suggestion. I have noticed from the official website that the early bird ends at the now end of JUNE. So hopefully gives us another month to see what happens.
  2. I do wish to purchase my season ticket and have a perfect seat in the paddock which I would rather not lose. However I’m finding it very hard to justify purchasing my season ticket until we know when crowds will be allowed back. I’m so grateful we have decent owners who are not threatening with admin every other day.
  3. Playing devil’s advocate but I think he has a point. Finish this season at a much later date and scrap next season.
  4. I’ve written of this season to be honest. I also think unlikely to have a home game with a crowd until at least October.
  5. What are the chances of even playing 23 home games next season?
  6. Can anybody remember who the local company was that upgraded the vale changing room a couple of seasons ago?
  7. Totally understandable. I am sure you could get a refund now if you required.
  8. I will renew two but as always will be on the last day of the early bird.
  9. Does this mean we are we now owing money to Synsol instead of Norman?
  10. I’ve been to the last 19 away games but can’t make the 3 before the Plymouth game. I should be entitled to free entry at Plymouth.
  11. I think we will struggle but it’s worth a good go. I think once it starts to die down some events and challenges may be needed to keep momentum.
  12. Vale are owned by synsol limited. Who’s directors are Kevin and Carol. Port vale has a charge in favour of Norman. Synsol are paying off Norman. I am unsure when Norman is paid off will port vale then be in debt to Synsol?
  13. I believe Synetics solutions are paying smurthwaite not port vale. Meaning port vale will still owe money it will just be to Synsol.
  14. Had a listen. Love and respect to Monty. I have always liked him and could never understand any abuse he has got in his time during vale. He’s a player who can make a bursting run and unlock a defense and most importantly he cares.
  15. I remember Lewis Hamilton getting refused entry at Wimbledon for clothing. He’s clearly a yob.
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