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  1. I was amazed the commentators yesterday called Brisley ‘soft’ in his spell there. No doubt Brialey has been a great defender in this unbeaten run. My concern is I don’t think he’s passed the ball in 6 games. It really is head it and lump it.
  2. Have the club indicated at all when they will announce next year season tickets? I’m sure I heard something somewhere about loyalty rewards?
  3. Port Vale v Hereford 30th January 2010. Can anyone find the highlights to show the assist.
  4. Terrible news. What a shock. Does anyone have the video of that assist when he ran most of the pitch. I can’t even remember the game.
  5. There was a video the other day with a green screen that simply didn’t work. Who does George Andrews even work for?
  6. Been watching a lot of the pre match press conferences. It’s normally split into 3 sections One by radio stoke eithe Lee or Phil Then Mike at the sentinel Who is the third person that comes on?
  7. I wonder if Guthrie knocked on Clarke’s door? I actually thought he played well against Oldham but couldn’t bundle the ball over the line.
  8. Mills and Fitzpatrick did start the season defensively sound but never went forward. Then both seemed to get worse after each game. On the other hand Whitehead really has had stoner every time he has played.
  9. Very unfair. The young lad has more knowledge than 95% of callers That angela monotone voice does drive me mad.
  10. I’m not a fan of Mills but he was steady at the start of the season. Perhaps the break and new manager might just help kick start his season with us. Or it could be a nightmare but let’s try and be positive.
  11. I have some spare turf I would be prepared to dig up and donate. Probably enough to cover the keepers six yard area.
  12. The furlough scheme can only be used for employees who were contracted before a certain date.
  13. I think we should be very grateful for all our commentators in comparison to these amateurs on the Tranmere game. It’s painfully bad.
  14. Was Micky Adams not on £4000 a week in his second spell?
  15. To start with this thread should not be ‘I hate ........’ Just wondered who people like as the commentary team My preference is Lee Blakeman with Adam Yates. I also thought Mike Baggaley did very well as a co-commentator earlier this season.
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