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  1. To be honest with you I've never heard of him
  2. Hope if any of them ring me its scott brown.
  3. Saturday probably be better as more are likely to watch it. I'd pretty much watch any vale game at the minute I'm that bored. There is somebody on facebook that has been streaming games from this season on the last 2 Saturdays though he did crewe last saturday and forest green away the week before.
  4. I'd also nominate colin miles think he was more of a centre back but seemed to play left back for us and was awful got sent off at Bradford for an awful tackle.
  5. I thought jason Talbot was a solid enough left back. If somebody had a word with him regarding his temperament that may have helped him out like people had a word with gibblns as his disciplinary record was poor at first.
  6. I got them all with 1 minute 43 seconds to spare. The portuguese keeper santos came on as a sub for alnwick in the fa cup at huddersfield.
  7. Scott tanser is the worse for me. I'd also nominate phil hardy craig james phil roe mike green and Zak jules. Some of them will have only played a couple of times for us though.
  8. Didnt we run out to some port vale war cry song/chant donkeys years ago
  9. Surprised nobody has said scott burgess for young player of the season. He has been very good for us nobody expected much from him hes been a regular in the side and has chipped in with a few goals. Club man is either legge for his epilepsy work montano for mental health awareness. Goal of the season has got be popes at man city and good that 8000 vale fans got to see it.
  10. I'm amazed joe anyon ryan boot sam Johnson chris martin and rob lainton arnt on this list.
  11. Got all 10 and only took 58 seconds to do
  12. I dont particularly think evtimov should win as he only played 1 game for the club.
  13. I think calvin mcintosh was the worst but Lawrie wilson will probably win this vote he was garbage for vale but in general over his career he was a good player
  14. I got them all but took me a while get brammer and I kept typing van der laan in thinking I had spelt it wrong but surprisingly he wasnt amongst the 10.
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