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  1. I was in a Tea house in Tengboche in the Kumbhu region of Nepal on my way to Everest base camp and watched a live stream of the MK dons away game in April this year.
  2. Current form suggests NO and the fact Norman has done everything in his power to send us to oblivion suggest NO, but 3 points against Notts next week could make survival look possible.
  3. Any idea how much the aeroplane cost that flew over Stoke trailing the banner at the end of last season.It got plenty of coverage.
  4. can someone please enlighten me on where we stand with squad size now ive lost track of the comings and goings.
  5. i dont think Brown needs any help in that department.
  6. thanks for that Jean i felt bad enough after watching that today.reading your post about hartlepool and Orient just about puts the tin hat on it.
  7. The post was only there for about 10 minutes before being deleted and it was pretty much saying exactly what jgrainger quoted.
  8. It was posted on the wonder of you Facebook not Twitter and I saw the post before it was deleted.
  9. i really enjoyed yesterdays game it was all very positive and very adventurous football.Great to see defenders popping up in goal scoring positions. I thought JJ looked top notch yesterday with some great link up play with Theo. The success of this new formation of 3-5-2 has really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons,Rob Page will certainly be doing some head scratching while trying to sort out the contracts for next season. I have felt really negative about Vale for the last few months and seriously considered not renewing my 3 season tickets but yesterday really geed me up and made my mind up to renew again. Only down side for me at the moment is getting searched before EVERY game it is really narking me i almost lost it yesterday at the turnstiles its way over the top.I have missed only 3 away games this season and can only remember getting searched 2 or 3 times.Sorry to end my post with a moan.
  10. Bray was one of my most enjoyable away games ever.Travelling to an away game by plane felt pretty special.The weather was blazing too.So I'm hoping for an Ireland trip again.
  11. Jak Alnwick without doubt is the better keeper so I would pick him over Chris Neal.
  12. agreed he had another great game today.
  13. I will be surprised if we sign anybody at all I think Smurthwaite will just want to cut expenses and he will want Hooper to be getting his chance being as he actually paid a fee for him in the hope of him becoming a saleable asset which isn't going to happen with 5 minute appearances from the bench. If we were able to bring someone in maybe Greg Luer might be worth another look.
  14. I can't see Uche having his loan extended by Norman beyond January I'm sure he'll be looking to cut his expenses.I think Page expects this also and this is why JJ Hooper is getting 5mins here and there in readiness.
  15. Page says hed like to make 9 changes to the Exeter 11.He questioned players attitude and comitment in the aftermath of the game so I'm expecting roughly the same 11.
  16. I earlier entered a Google search of "Norman Smurthwaite Jimmy Floyd Hassalbaink" .I was amazed how many search results were listed and in various languages.This has gone Global not just national.Well played Norman you've played a blinder.
  17. correct other than the goal we've been dog ****.Barnsley have been all over us but haven't capitalised
  18. also saved paying the cleansheet bonus
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