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  1. If we put in anything like our performance there last year two hours will be more than enough.
  2. Ridiculous performance. Too good.
  3. Rory

    the 3

    Is this a cry for help?
  4. I don't agree with them getting on the floor. It's up to them but I think it's a poor do. If they are into it they can carry on but if people think they're bang out of order then they can tell them what they think of their behaviour if you ask me. I've got no problem with people who disagree with booing either, so long as things don't get to the stage of a brawl then no mither. We can disagree. Get on the floor if you want to. Tell the people on the floor you are disgusted with them if you want to. Tell the people telling the people on the floor they are disgusted that you are disgusted if you want to. Don't fight each other and continue with your day. On on.
  5. I reckon this will be a daft game. We'll win 8-2 or something.
  6. Rory

    Score board

    I thought we only bought a new scoreboard a few years ago, to replace the old one that didn't turn on?
  7. RZ might be happier if we start hammering teams. People will get bored if we keep winning by the odd goal. Hopefully Dazzler can sort it out and we start pumping 4, 5, 6, 7 goals past some of these noddy sides. Come on, sort it out Dazzler!
  8. You lot in here make me look happy. We need a right wing government if we want to get ourselves sorted out. Until then don't get your hopes up.
  9. Thought you were Mr Positive? Leave them alone!
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