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  1. Darrell Clarke. Absolutely lej bloke.
  2. I think yours needs to go in the bin.
  3. Monty has been available for a fair few more games than he has actually played.
  4. Is only being able to start a match with 11 players discriminatory too?
  5. I'd be surprised if we offer Manny a new deal, just doesn't seem cut out for it all. If we can get some money for him at this stage then what a blinding result that is. I don't really see him as being as good as everyone else seems to think he is personally, but even so I'd have thought he'd be able to get himself a gig at another professional football club. Maybe he's just not all that arsed about football.
  6. I think you're still getting confused by being employed and being selected in an EFL squad. Why can't they make a proper decision on it? All seems a bit odd to me.
  7. Not sure employment law is relevant? Vale could employ 500 players if they wanted to, they just wouldn't be able to select them all in the FL squad.
  8. Looked better than the absolutely hopeless lard arses we usually have.
  9. I would have Theo Robinson or Devante Rodney over him any day of the week.
  10. I have faith that the Dazzler will get it right and we will secure a 1-0 victory. Doesn't seem to be many goals around when Harrogate are involved.
  11. That's what I think yeah.
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