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  1. I thought his contract with us ended in June?
  2. You're better waiting a few weeks and getting the new one than getting one that's already out of date.
  3. I think there will be a handful of teams worse than us this season still.
  4. Mansfield Bradford Salford Forest Green Walsall Carlisle Tranmere Northampton Exeter Colchester Stevenage Barrow Leyton Orient Newport Bristol Rovers Oldham Harrogate Scunthorpe Swindon Port Vale Sutton Rochdale Crawley Hartlepool
  5. What would we be expected to do with him if he can't play? Be an expensive car park attendant wouldn't he.
  6. I wonder if we're looking into a dismissal if they continue to act up.
  7. I agree. I'd hope that we don't go into the season with Theo as our best striker, we need a couple of really good ones.
  8. We normally get photos on the first day back in training don't we? Have we not had any from last week?
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