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  1. Brown Mills Smith Brisley Montano Worrall Conlon Taylor Cullen Robinson Guthrie
  2. Sound. Let's turf the dosser out then.
  3. What's happened with Sinclair then? What are the rumours?
  4. You're right. Get it gone, a load of nonsense. Dirty money.
  5. They're all as thick as a submarine door on there, it's very strange. Pope's mum should knock it on the head and talk to normal people instead. I like Thomas.
  6. Time for Pugh to go. Not acceptable. Let's ramp up the search for a manager.
  7. Fair enough mate. Not for me though. I'd have Tom Jones over Rodney nevermind Tom Pope.
  8. Which dosser is any better than him?
  9. I've been speaking to a bloke I know who reckons he has gone. This bloke is called 'Danger' though so it's up to you whether you believe it or not.
  10. We'll get there. It's good to be getting back to normal.
  11. I think the fine gents on the Ale and Vale podcast mentioned that this was a rumour doing the rounds.
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