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  1. More tickets arriving at the Vale tomorrow.
  2. Santa


  3. Someone needs to give him a good hiding sooner rather than later.
  4. I disagree with Mark on that bit. HAMMER! HAMMER! KATZENJAMMER!
  5. It is not on. Mark is sound as a pound. A nice friendly bear. Sex man is lucky he hasn't had his teeth knocked out. Again. You may say violence is not the answer but I really hope he bumps into the wrong person at some point and gets absolutely abliterated.
  6. I'd prefer a new badge completely. Something including sex man's head on a stake and a hammer.
  7. That place is disgusting at the minute. EVERYONE OUT!
  8. Rory

    Reece Robins

    Nothing is going to change any time soon is it? I can see him getting a clobbering again, and I wouldn't blame whoever does it.
  9. Balls to them, it's all going to go off soon. STAY OUT OF OUR WAY! [emoji375]
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