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  1. Modern day football mate, sadly [emoji2369] For what it’s worth I doubt Conlon has or would cause vale an ounce of trouble
  2. It’s not our choice if release clause triggered
  3. I’m quite happy for the club to build , I’d love promotion but if we don’t get it we finally have plans, infrastructure and a management structure ( across the whole club )
  4. I’m trying to remember the last season we paid fees for three players ?
  5. Piers Morgan [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji106]
  6. Thought hall got 2.5 years on Harrogate contract left ?
  7. He had to queue for the lift with me, just not on
  8. My guess is this windows recruitment has changed from an invest in players for future to let’s try get top 3
  9. Sun reporters comments seem be same as most on here
  10. If he had a potted plant in his knee rather than a pillow perhaps that means we are in for Suarez Fingers crossed
  11. I think Carol would invest in the right player ( u23) paying a fee on a 3 year contract , in the hope that not only would said player do well for us, but also that we could command a fee , it’s what posh do very well
  12. He’s under 24 but that Twitter account only been open a few days and only has 21 tweets [emoji2369]
  13. If it was amond you’d be expecting him not to be starting today
  14. I can see both sides , I was just saying the route the club is taking
  15. Carol believes in the academy route hence the investment to get us to the next academy status , the academy is very much part of both short and long term plans
  16. Nothing , however I would not be shocked if a championship club comes in for him , he’d be a comparatively low risk signing in terms of wages and fees
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