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  1. Yes none of those will exceed the structure, you are spot on
  2. Or a wage cap, amazingly the Mansfield chair wanted this when Salford started outspending him [emoji1787]
  3. I want us to sign players to fit into the clubs wage structure
  4. No that’s why we have a wage structure in place
  5. I guess we could have gambled like Salford and Mansfield did the previous 4 seasons and achieved nothing
  6. Perhaps finally the millions their owner has wasted may finally get them out of the league
  7. As they have done the past 5 years at least
  8. Woz was last week For me taylor would get in as well
  9. Good job we didn’t sign politic then
  10. Exactly unless he is only on about football without taking the future of football clubs into doubt Derby had far more football success than us , look at them now Brighton, great success , directors loans over 330m!
  11. So if we got promoted with 5 loan players that’s not working ?
  12. Clubs never get promoted with loan players ? I wasn’t aware of that
  13. In the first season in over 20 years we have spent money for 3 players , yet some fans still bemoaning our lack of spending It’s no wonder football finances are in a complete mess in general
  14. Mind telling Derby that, they are on the verge of liquidation , you can’t tell Bury, they don’t exist any more
  15. How did Mansfield and Salford do last year …..after splashing the cash ?
  16. We have never averaged 10,000 have we ?
  17. He’s been great hasn’t he , exceeded expectations
  18. They guy we were all raving about just prior to his injury ?
  19. Once upon a time we had a CM scoring 18 goals plus a season, when we finally lost him he was replaced by a 7th tier CM with no experience Imagine the meltdown on here ! Our better players will move on, it’s football
  20. Perhaps we didn’t want start a player who at best could only manage 40/50 minutes ?
  21. If he had the heading ability of legge and was quicker on his feet I doubt he’d be in L2 I suspect he’s not as good as legge in the air but is quicker and better on the ball
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