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  1. Let’s give him a chance though rather than constant childish digs [emoji106]
  2. It’s nice on other threads we can discuss football , after all it was not long ago that V2001 almost took us out of existence
  3. Don’t worry Crosby ( he’s one of the guys who actually coaches ) said it was all about game time and working on formations Chill out , have an ice cream
  4. It was a joke jeez , I did not think for one moment he was drinking at 8.30am
  5. They will be expected to train away from the youth team they will not be part of the named squad
  6. Mills was major disappointment, I think most of us expected far more from him
  7. I agree , it’s still a ridiculous situation , basically it’s cost them 14m to get and stay in L2!
  8. 12m they think but it’s not clear We have seen other clubs run up massive directors loans , Notts County and Bolton two examples , it doesn’t always end well
  9. 3000 shirt sales would suggest your view is in the minority No shock there
  10. Doesn’t need any, tickets sold out immediately they went on sale
  11. Clue is in the thread title , I’d avoid visiting this thread it seems to bore you [emoji106]
  12. This thread is specifically to discuss TP so other threads aren’t hijacked
  13. I’m a gentle interrogator don’t worry
  14. Exactly , Proctor may have one excellent season, hopefully with us
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