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  1. I was merely explaining why he is now playing at that level, I never argued against DC decision p
  2. He wouldn’t pass a medical hence him playing at level 9 step 5
  3. I agree, we are definitely bringing a striker and wide player in
  4. Never said it was the clubs fault what are you on about ?
  5. Mate it’s the sneering, “ found his level “ Personally I did not post once he should stay He’s had medically retire from an injury playing for our club, its very straightforward
  6. His medical payout shows his time was up, it’s very straightforward He didn’t need pass a medical to play for vale then , it’s not rocket science , use your brain
  7. Yes his tune was up, caused by the injury playing for us
  8. Mate it’s ridiculous, what makes some people so nasty ?
  9. He had clubs after him, he took advice , he’s honest and took the advice, it’s you who pedals vindictive unsubstatsntiated crap
  10. He’s found the level where it doesn’t need a medical on a shoulder injury that happened playing for our club where in the game it happened he played on with a very serious injury that has ended his pro career
  11. Yes if that was Walsall’s slim choices they chose the one with a tiny bit more experience
  12. I dread to think what would have happened to Vale if V2001 were in charge during the pandemic Another L2 club having issues https://www.efl.com/news/2021/july/efl-statement-rochdale-afc/
  13. I think we have improved in almost every area , little question mark for me on keepers but we will see very shortly if they are better or not
  14. I’m liking we have a transfer plan now We certainly didn’t under Askey
  15. Pity they weren’t doing so badly last season , Askey May have kept his job for a week or two longer
  16. Yes when V2001 almost took us out of existence you would have been called a happy clapper , were you ? You observation is right though the current owners are doing an excellent job and have united the fan base , with one obvious exception
  17. I like how DC is building a far more balanced squad, involving youth a lot more, both things Askey was bad at
  18. That’s ok we are here to see his management skills nothing else
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