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  1. Fairly sure this thread is specifically aimed at discussing TP , have you started drinking all ready
  2. I doubt know where near enough it’s going to cost him if the injury he received playing for vale and played on with costs him his career
  3. True , or moaned that we have signed a keeper with no experience whilst at the same time moaning about us signing a very experienced striker [emoji2369][emoji2369]
  4. Proctor good prove to be an astute signing, can play with his back to goal and bring others into the game , different than any other strikers at the club
  5. I agree PV1973 I suspect we will be looking for a 6ft plus target man with experience
  6. I like taking my statutory holidays without a doubt Can’t sack myself though [emoji6]
  7. People never work for Phil he doesn’t believe in holidays
  8. As he’s worked 12 months with no holiday and he realises if he doesn’t it could be almost 2 years without one ?
  9. I suspect the next striker in will be an upgrade on Guthrie but more of target man than scorer
  10. One keeper was playing 2 weeks ago not sure he’s short of match practice
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