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  1. Just had a look in the Lorne Street for availability. 64 seats available if you're a new or returning supporter looking for a season ticket (in the most expensive part of the ground for a "normal" seat). That means that if every existing season ticket holders renews (unrealistic I know) then they'll be less than 64 seats available for general sale for every league match. To think that people don't see that getting the other side of the Lorne street open, a stand 95% complete with seats in situ is a massive priority is madness. It could be officially sold out for every match next season, whilst the dump that is the Bycars houses 400 stubborn dinosaurs.

    Confident Carol is fully aware what the priorities are to be fair Bobby and she is planning to open the other side as soon as she can, with a plan to do so
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  2. Point is, even with expenses removed, that’s thousands of pounds. Even if it was only 10k, that’s 10 matches of use. 

    How many times in past 40 years have we sold out home tickets ( answer is less than ten )
  3. Very easily. 1 sell out game like last season alone with…what is the capacity of the extra bit? 3,000? So 3,000 extra seats at £24 is £72,000. From 1 game. 

    VAT, concessions etc

    If you think the average net receipts on tickets are anywhere near £20 I doubt I’d be asking you help me prepare a budget

    As an aside how many times over the past 35 years have we sold out all home seats ?
  4. I think you’re wrong. Across all competitions, just doubled checked it too in Wikipedia. 31 last season and 12 the season before. Fully fit mal Benning played 36 last season and Chris hussey got in 19. I’m as gutted as anyone that gibbo went but I’m not rose tinted enough to try and dumb down his impact last season just because he’s gone.  I’ll die on the hill that he was better than both those 2 who came in last season, he was mainly first choice over them and had more of an impact than both of them over the course of the season. 31 games this season vs 12 the season before to me indicates a player improving his injury record and going the right way over the previous season when he got the bad injury. We’ll never know now, well I suppose we will by what he does for Bristol next season, but we move on anyway.

    I really wanted him stay , however over 92 league games he’s got on the pitch in 33 and lasted 90 mins in 15

    I’m not the manager, if I was I would have signed him , I really hope he’s over this bad injury period
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