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  1. That stat means nothing. We haven’t missed sitters and no keepers had a blunder against us. The gap from the striker to the midfield is negative beyond belief. Most of those so called chances were probably made when Cullen came on to partner Pope on Saturday. Or Legge missing headers from corners. In open play we haven’t got 40 goals in us.
  2. I’m not disputing that. I’m on about the fans. All over social media if you say anything critical you get jumped on. Im extremely happy they have the club.
  3. Carol and Kevin are at the wheel. Sorry I forgot that you can’t be critical. Im not convinced on Askey. Anyone with any footballing nouse can see we play a negative 4-5-1. The 1 is so isolated i feel sorry for whoever plays that role. We looked so much better on Saturday with Cullen off Pope. Last night, in my opinion, we went out of the cup with a whimper. A cup we could have done with having a run in. We laugh at them down the road but Askeys record is not good at all and I’m not seeing any of this high tempo, high press football we played in a 4 game period towards the end of last season to stay up. His recruitment in the summer has been dreadful, Amoo and Cullen aside.
  4. Askey has signed a load of ex Macc players who aren’t better than the players who finished 20th last season! We have played 3 games and not scored a goal from open play and played one up front with a 30 yard gap to the midfield! It’s dreadful. Quality not quantity he said. Duped again. Anyone watching that last night and first half on Saturday (until he brought on Cullen to partner Pope) who didn’t know better, could be forgiven in thinking Aspin was back in charge. This honeymoon period for him won’t last long unless he pulls his finger out and changes what most fans can see is wrong. A full season of a lone striker in what is a deep 4-5-1 all season will turn fans away. He needs a win in the next 6 days.
  5. What’s a wind up? Using a guys knowledge who is experienced in the game and knows the club inside out? Colin Garlick cannot single handedly run this football club. As it stands we have two fans as owners. A management team and Colin. Wouldn’t other people on board within the game be an asset? Another one who thinks I’m knocking the owners. Read my previous posts. I hated Smurthwaite and I’m so happy Kevin and Carol are in charge. But like it or not the fact is they don’t know how to run a football club and I think a DOF would be a great asset as I still think the day to day running of the club is too much for one person. Like I said in a previous post, they are employing a stadium manager. Great news. Building the business. Let’s do it in other areas as well.
  6. Time waits for nobody! Jesus, the amount of people who can’t see what I’m saying. Are you stupid? Carol and Kevin, whilst having the business acumen, haven’t a clue how to run a football club and will need qualified people in all different departments! In their own words we are massively understaffed across the board. It’s not a knock on them. That was never my intention. I merely stated Micky would like to be a DOF at a club. He loves our club. So why not pick his knowledge!! Christ. Touchy lot on here. Especially Joe who seems to slag off fans daily if they question anything under the new owners.
  7. They don’t! Stop happy clapping! Today they have stated they are employing a stadium manager! Fantastic news! They are learning as they go and I’m merely stating employ people in roles at the club, who know what they are doing to improve us! Now what’s wrong with that?
  8. I tell you who I’d like to see us sign. Micky Adams. Call me mad but as far as I can see we have owners who haven’t the first clue as to how to run a football club. They are putting all their faith in Colin Garlick. Let Colin get on with the day to day work. Let John manage the team. Get Micky as a director of football. He said on the Vale Podcast that he would love to be a director of football and he still loves the club. Get him back. At least get in contact with him and use his knowledge.
  9. Unofficial Vale does more harm than good. He’s a bigger attention seeking narcissist than Smurthwaite was.
  10. Just to get this straight. You don’t rate Worrall but have no problem in signing a player who had 17 games in 7 years with us and now isn’t wanted by Macclesfield? Give me a drag of what you’re smoking.
  11. Paris Cowan Hall is not happening. No matter how much that sad egg Unofficial Vale wants it to happen. He needs a life does that lad.
  12. So two out of the three players we’ve signed so far, you wouldn’t have in your first 11. An 11 that has finished 20th in division 4. Do you see fans concerns? If the two we’ve signed can’t get in this god awful side then we’re back to quantity over quality!! I expect to see quality lower league signings from here on in. This can be done well within our budget.
  13. Are you a full ticket???? Smurthwaite alienated an entire community, his own staff, his own supporters, everything. He knew he was leaving months ago. The club has been running on empty. Any other season you’d have a point but right now????? Seriously???? Have you been living in a cave these last few months???? I give up with some Vale supporters, I really do. The only person that needs to “get a grip” is you. And when you’re disappointed on the 16th June just be thankful that you’ve got a ******* club to support and the new owners can’t work ******* miracles because of what the previous incumbent did. Worst post I’ve seen in a long time. I despair.
  14. We’re a mile off. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve signed Burgess and Kennedy who are totally unproven in the football league. That is it. There is plenty of time left and I’m very hopeful that Askey will bring in the players we need. Especially one proven goalscorer. But please shut up with your fake news with us not being far away from becoming a good league 2 team. We are minimum 4 experienced lower league players away.
  15. Regardless of who the manager is, you play for the shirt and the fans. Players that refuse to play for a certain manager, or put in the required effort, are a disgrace.
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