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  1. There is a ray of hope in that businesses are driving towards a sustainable future. You wont find an investor who wont want to see serious commitment to sustainability. Regulators are already focussed on it. But maybe you are right and they are all wrong?
  2. But it's not hundreds of thousands of years away, we are seeing the thin end of the wedge now. I'll repeat. The impacts will affect the poorest hardest so every reason to vote for it.
  3. Do what you think is right, that's all I'm saying. If that's living unsustainably then crack on.
  4. I would expect that too but I don't use it as an excuse not to make green choices. For the sorts of things you list to happen on a meaningful scale, we must make sure its on the political parties' manifesto at a general election but unfortunately not enough of the electorate force the issue. On a personal level, it means using public transport, bicycles, limiting flights (we've flown once in 8 years as a family), buying local, investing in home insulation, not living beyond our means. Not big deals but it all helps.
  5. Doing the right thing is taking responsibility to live sustainably and doing your bit irrespective of what others might or might not be doing.
  6. I meant that the poorest won't be worse off as a result of green taxes because they just replace fossil fuel taxes that would be phased out. Not sure how a no tax system would work but that's a different debate.
  7. Save the environment does mean something to ordinary people when droughts, floods, storms and crop losses hit home. Perhaps you should try doing things other than what you've been used to you're whole life and realising that quality of life does not depend on money & material things.
  8. Erm, green taxes maybe? The ones that "will be a heavy burden on the poorest" but in reality are there to help fill any hole left in the budget from moving away from fossil fuels. Its interesting that green taxes are viewed as representative of a sinister world movement by the same people who don't blink an eye at the huge revenues already gained from fossil fuel taxation.
  9. You might be able to point to a handful of hypocritical rich people but I think you'll find that the majority of the richest in society have a vested interest in fossil fuels and are therefore standing up against green taxes to the detriment of the poorest when the impact of climate change is felt. Re your hypothetical example, explain to me the logic of taxing road fuel and not aviation fuel? Surely being able to drive a car is more of a fundamental need for the poorest in society to live their daily lives than jetting off to sunnier climes on a regular basis? Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to a holiday but flying is ridiculously cheap as well as being ridiculously polluting (directly pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at higher altitudes is far more impactful). Low prices are therefore encouraging people to regularly hop on a plane unnecessarily IMO. But I dare say the response will again be "well if the richest do it then so should I be able to". Hence why we are doomed.
  10. You seem to know a lot about it so summarise for the layperson if you would
  11. You're never going to have a situation where the worst offenders don't exist. However, the more people that promote and adopt sustainability into their daily lives through simple lifestyle adjustments and, more importantly, vote for change the more the worst offenders will be ostracized.
  12. What about just doing the right thing as individuals and not using others' circumstances and behaviour as an excuse not to? It seems to be climate change deniers' first line of defence.
  13. Just explain why living sustainably is a bad thing?
  14. And what hold over the world's governments does the WEF have exactly? And what can possibly be wrong with a philosophy that promotes sustainability in every sense of the word rather than short term profit chasing?
  15. Who are 'them' / 'they' exactly? If you mean governments then why would they want to move away from £26 billion per annum income (UK alone) from fuel duty?
  16. Two more to add to the illustrious "players re-signed by Askey" Hall of Fame.
  17. It would seem that everyone on here has either forgotten about wozza or written him off. He's definitely got another good season in him as RWB. He contributed to many key moments in the playoff games. His dip in form mid season coincided with his hip injury and the fact that Smith was playing behind him at RCB. With Cass at RCB I think we'll see a fully fit Wozza back to his best. Granted we need to bring in some competition but don't write him off yet.
  18. Plenty of people, in all walks of life, don't hang around in their home town for life.
  19. Cue the meltdowns. Life is short, Gibbo has only known living in SOT and playing for Vale; cant blame him for wanting a fresh challenge and new surroundings; maybe there was a bit more money in it for him but if his heart was set on leaving there was little we could do.
  20. Any other country gets to a semi final and final of a major tournament and we wonder why we can't be like them. England do it and we're lucky?
  21. Pointless competition, lots of changes, I'll judge Southgate on major tournaments. Aside from Alf Ramsay, England's most successful manager.
  22. Why because football doesn't work that way anymore unfortunately You mean society doesn't work that way anymore unfortunately?
  23. Were the heads of the Swindon players and staff so far up their own derrieres that they didn't think that a) there would be a pitch invasion and b) there would be mindless idiots who would confront Mckirdy? Because why on earth did they line up for the penalty shootout the furthest of the 2 teams away from the tunnel? Otherwise they could have been surrounded by stewards & led up the tunnel in no time. Had a bit of realism and common sense come into it we wouldn't be talking about it.
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