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  1. I've noticed that Callum Guy is up their with Wozza for assists as well.
  2. Darrell seems happy with Robinson "He worked his socks off".
  3. Yes,we beat them 6-1,Andy Jones with 5 goals and Sproey with the other.
  4. He is now perhaps,but when he was with us he got as much stick,or even more than Guthrie and Robinson. It must be a scoring thing?
  5. Chris Wilder set to leave Sheffield United.
  6. He played three times at Wembley, against Stockport,WBA and Genoa.
  7. Yes,it's a funny old game. One minute you can go on a 68 game unbeaten run and the next minute go and lose 6 consecutive home games scoring just one goal. KTF.
  8. According to Carol at the Flitcroft press conference we had already spent our maximum on players.
  9. He's probably telling a few home truths,catch up on YouTube later.
  10. Do they get bigger crowds than they do for this test match?
  11. Cambridge,Salford and Cheltenham have certainly tested us this last week though Wrex? UTV
  12. Beat me to it. You can spot them a mile off. UTV.
  13. 7 minutes ET. Come on lads,there's a point to fight for here.
  14. Stranger things have happened. Come on Vale.
  15. Get Askey out. Get Clarke out. I don't think Flickers will last long do you?
  16. Come on lads,to score a goal you need to have a shot.
  17. Yes,the same Cheltenham Town we beat 2-1 at home.
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