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  1. And me,if you're not happy you have the chance of voting against them next time round.
  2. Admin,please move to Coronavirus thread. Senior moment.
  3. Meanwhile in France,Macron suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay.
  4. Like I said a few weeks ago melv,it was pointless turning P&G on until 17.30.Now it seems I don't need to bother until 17.50 to hear about the Vale. Biased or what?
  5. Meanwhile,former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier runs for French president on a platform supporting French sovereignty from European courts and anti-immigration?
  6. Sounds like hell. I'd rather not go away. Wearing a mask in a restaurant,how does that work?
  7. Great to know that we've reached 9 points in just 7 games and I'm sure DC will be happy that it's an improvement from his start at Bristol Rovers.😉 KTF
  8. Which was considerably expanded by the Blair goverment.
  9. How many times was it restructered between 1997 and 2010?
  10. The bottomless pit which as been used as a political football by Labour since they were last in power. Doesn't seem to have worked too well?
  11. Just entrenched not to vote for the loonies perhaps?
  12. Just a comparison of how certain leaders can get away with it? They are there for a reason,so prepare for the reality. How can the Taliban leader still post on Twitter but Trump can't? Think about it.
  13. Sounds like Biden and he seems to get away with it.A sign of the times perhaps? The opposition need to up their game to get a look in.
  14. Can't believe how bad Garrity was? Midfield is always where games are won and lost.
  15. PA system at the Bycars End still problematic despite the new speakers.Cuts out when announcing substitutes!!Doesn't help when the scoreboard is limited as well.
  16. The right-wing BBC!!!😃 Is the Taliban leader still posting on Twitter?🤔
  17. Still can't access notifications on android.
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