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  1. Not much difference between the National League and League One either with Barnet beating Burton and Chorley beating Wigan?
  2. If you are looking for excuses,what about the fact that we've had a weeks rest because of the Scunny cancellation?
  3. Poch getting a lot of airtime on Sky football at the moment. Should Ole be worried?
  4. Noel Hunt set to takeover at Swindon,Nigel Clough is the favourite at Mansfield and Nigel Atkins at Tranmere.
  5. A great three points against a team who will be there or thereabouts as they say.The first half was nothing to right home about but the gaffer seems to have told them a few home truths at half time which did the trick.Burgey,Wozza and Brownie stood out for me and we go into Saturdays game in search of our third win in a week. Alert warning - Southend United have won 6 matches in their last 50 league games!!!
  6. Does anybody remember watching Norwich play last season when they became the first club to let fans into Carrow Road after lockdown. The camera's panned round the ground to show some fans not wearing masks and not social distancing.To think about chanting and singing on top of that as well as social distancing to and from the ground will put many people off from attending.
  7. Spot on,Phil knows his stuff,especially regarding Vale,he's a historian,author and excellent football quizzer.In my opinion and with all due respect,Phil is a lot more qualified to commentate on RS than some of the ex-Vale players they have on?
  8. Yes,and the usual suspect Brian from Weston Coyney was back again on RS after the match.This bloke is only ever around when we lose and he was spouting on about our owners and our three injury-prone players last night. Stick to the 365 please Brian.
  9. JP Morgan and the American owners of Liverpool and Man.Utd are said to be behind this project?
  10. Exactly,shouldn't it be called 'Project Big Fixture'?
  11. Rumours afoot that Gareth Bale may call his next book 'How To Make An Impact'?
  12. In their last seven away games Salford had won six and draw one (against us). Say no more. UTV
  13. He's getting a little older sure but I'd still back him to become our top goalscorer from what I've seen so far.
  14. I'd go along with that,although I worry about Manny completing ninety minutes.We need to keep Henderson quiet and get back to doing what we do best when we play 4-3-3.
  15. Is doesn't have to be really to get out of this league?
  16. Certainly is,the 'Class of 92' are obviously not a patient lot.A perfect job for the Cowley brothers?
  17. I think the ones who criticise Popey are in a small minority and he shouldn't take it too seriously.
  18. That won't be too long after this latest signing,it's Partey time.
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