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  1. I agree with 90% of what you are saying Connor but opinions are one thing but vitriol is another. How anyone can slag off the man who is the main reason why we are still in the football league is beyond me. In regards to Tom's goalscoring record the fact is as he is only one of three players who have scored over 100 goals for us is a legend in my opinion and if he gets the game time he will be our top goal scorer once again this season. Anyone who tries to belittle Tom Pope will get both barrels from me and will have deserved it!
  2. Often the Manager baffles me. I applaud his introduction of Will Atkinson and if he continues to produce he will need a longer deal before someone else steps in. On now to why he confuses me: 1 Why does he continue to play one man up front when it is clear as day that two strikers is the way to go as the second half on Saturday proved. Some called it a master stroke to bring on Bennett, I would describe it as just common sense and I hope that the Boss takes this onboard in the future. With just one up top the 'lone ranger' is surrounded and snared by three giants who in Popey's case are allowed to foul him constantly with next to no reaction from the poor quality refs. 2 Also why is one of our best players, David Amoo being shoved out onto the left flank very often when he should clearly be out on the right! Worrall in my opinion can be effective in other positions whereas Amoo is only half the player when he is played out of position. To me it isn't rocket science, just good old common sense.
  3. The disrespect that is shown to Tom Pope is I find stupid and very, very sad. Tom Pope is the number one choice to lead the line though he does need the help of a partner up front but tell me a striker who does enjoy playing on their own up front. There isn't a better centre forward in the division he has sublime heading ability, good ball control and is a good passer of the ball. Granted he lacks pace but as he himself admits ''how can you lose something which you never had in the first place?'' I fully expect Tom to be our main striker for several years yet because he wont lose his heading ability and his many other assets that have made him a great striker for Port Vale. Please folks think before you write rubbish on here about Tom being 'a washed up has been' because it is disrespectful and embarrassing to the best servant that we have had for many years.
  4. I wish Montano would get lost permanently because on Saturday it was clear that he just didn't fancy it! On his day he is superb but that is about twice a season and he is certainly not one to build your future on.
  5. Agood point Iron me owd fruit. I was prepared to give the benefit of the doubt until he rolled about pretending to be injured. It is very concerning how many players are play acting to get their fellow pros punished. It used to be a game for men but now the tarts are running the game.
  6. The Premiership clubs have once again stitched us up like kippers.
  7. old sage


    It's a very sad day for Bury and lower league football in general. I just think how lucky we are to have got rid of Smurthwaite with the Shanahans meeting his inflated valuation. It surely makes people realise just how badly governed English football is with the 'fat cats' taking all of the cream and keeping the remainder of the football pyramid left to scrat around for the crumbs. It is a disgraceful situation. I wonder if those who reviled the protesters and the Black and Gold group in particular now realise that without these people we could have been the next Bury by being owned by a man who has no love or affection for our club and who simply chose to 'sucked the lifeblood' out of our finances. Shame on people such as he and also the governing bodies of football who wine and dine on the majority of football clubs poverty.
  8. When Bennett had a decent game and scored a fine goal I knew that he would keep Popey out of the team. Personally though I think that he is quicker than Popey and has a good left foot shot on him. In every other department he is inferior to Tom. Tom is his superior in the air, holds the ball far better and lays the ball off better than anyone else at the Club. Try them both together with Bennett on the left by all means but for heavens sake to leave our captain out of the side is sheer folly.
  9. Come on folks only time will tell if we have had a good or bad start to the season. We may look back in a few weeks time and realise that the three drawn games were decent results. After all everyone says Colchester will be serious challengers and Northampton have invested heavily while the 'plastic club' are paying players ridiculous amounts of money and we more than matched them. In regards to last years players still taking the starting 11 places then 'smell the coffee' since the tyrant has gone there is a spring in the players step now whereas last season the atmosphere within the club was toxic. Remember also the restraints on the budget which have been caused by the Tyrant's selling demands. Thankfully Carol and Kevin still bought us even those the git in truth robbed them because Port Vale were only heading in one direction with him constantly having his grubby fingers in every till within Vale Park. Non league or worse was the only destination. So for now we may be strapped for cash but thanks to the Shanahans we are FREE.
  10. 100% agree a fast forward left near the half way line would force the opposition to leave one or two players back and also give our defenders someone to release the ball up to.
  11. Why is it then Pensioner that Tom Pope heads the ball away more than any other player within his own penalty area? With regard to Popey losing his pace I ask how can you lose what you never had? On his own admission Popey doesn't possess great pace but there is no better header of the ball than Tom, even with two big units on him he still wins more than any other player in this league. For me it will be a sad day when he finally hangs up his boots and then many Vale fans will then realise what we no longer have up front leading the line. For those who mock my words just take the time to watch how he rarely loses a ball or plays a poor pass. He has more skill than many of our resident experts give him credit for. Long live the Pope I say.
  12. I have to pinch myself still and think how lucky we are at Port Vale to have Kevin & Carol. I just hope that they and I see the fruits of their labours.
  13. We are all for getting decisions right Phil but it should be like tennis where a player is given a limited number of appeals or like rugby league where the ref hands responsibility over to the technical people but then he is out of any decision.
  14. Exactly my opinion RB. At the present time with the way it is being carried out, if it ever comes to our league I would question whether I would wish to carry on watching games. It a sick joke. A good idea ruined by red tape.
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