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  1. Whatever brings you to that decision because it couldn't be for his contribution when he came on Saturday because he did nothing apart from shy away from one opportunity to head the ball. It was hoof ball as you put it against Walsall because we had no midfield and no winger worthy of the name. You could criticise Pope if he missed any chances but he never got any given to him by his very poor team mates where only Smith and Legge came out with any credit.
  2. They had the upper hand against Popey for two reasons . First of all playing him up front on his own with no support from a none functioning midfield or the so called wingers. Secondly and just as importantly the referee allowed every dirty trick in the book to stop Tom.He was constantly having his shirt pulled and getting bashed into by giant oafs with the sole intention of stopping Popey from getting to the ball by any foul method. If I was John Askey I would send some of these unpunished incidents to whoever 'controls' and selects the morons that we keep getting to referee our games. I would also ask if there are a separate set of rules regarding Tom Pope. I have said it before Tom is no angel and if he commits a foul then give it but for goodness sake he deserves the same protection as any other player.
  3. Personally I think the ref has an awful lot to do with the over all effect on the game. Yesterday the bloke was utter garbage. He fell for the cheating of Walsall's tactic of breaking up the play by constantly 'playing dead' by pretending that they had a head injury which instantly brought the game to a full stop but miraculously they carried on unscathed after their scam had worked. Obviously the game should stop for a head injury but to stop the scamming sidelining the 'injured party' for 5 minutes would stamp out this unacceptable type of cheating and to allow a genuine injury to be assessed. I was also fed up with the way that he re-started the game by allowing the opposition to take what amounted to a free kick. I am also heartily sick of the way that pushing and pulling Tom Pope seems to be totally ignored 99% of the time by the vast majority of referees. Don't get me wrong Tom is no angel but a foul is a foul and if the ref produced a card for serial fouling would result in a better all round game. Yes we were tripe yesterday but the ref was a major factor in the game's deterioration into the ugly affair yesterday.
  4. I learned an awful lot from last nights game. A number of good steady performances but several came up dreadfully short and on the strength of this display simply aren't good enough. A few things that are abundantly clear is that we desperately need a left back who has pace. Cullen isn't a one up front player and needs to have someone to feed off. Atkinson after a superb debut was very disappointing. Archer showed little willingness to put himself about and press their defence when he came on. I would have thought he would have run his socks off to make an impression. Sadly Ryan LLoyd wasn't good enough when he was here befote and unfortunately he hasn't improved. Plus points Brown played well on the left flank and Smithy is a rock in our defence
  5. Your comments really make you look very silly. Good heavens Popey has just become the joint top post war striker and in less games than Foyley who was also a fantastic servant to Port Vale. You will no doubt argue that Martin did it mainly in a higher league but I counter that by saying he was playing for a lot of that time with better players and several super wingers. How many would OUR TOM HAVE GOT WITH THE LIKES OF GUPPY McCARTHY AND AINWORTH PINGING THEM OVER ON TO HIS NAPPER.? I RECKON HE WOULD HAVE PROBABLY TAKEN WILF KIRKHAM'S RECORD.
  6. I bet it won't be as long as we would wait for a trio from Bennett!
  7. We all say things in the heat of battle that we regret and I'm sure Tom is no exception but all genuine Valiants love the man who is amongst the greatest servants that has wore a Vale shirt. Go on Tom keep banging em in kiddo.
  8. I hope that the doubting Thomas' on here now realise that Popey is our best striker and if he still has two legs and his head he should always be in the team. If he is supplied with decent service Popey will deliver.
  9. That would be stupid because the sale of tickets for that area would dwarf any expense for the necessary improvements,
  10. I think that I must be dreaming Port Vale doing so many positive things and now the absolute 'cherry on the top' Robbie Williams coming back to his roots. Well done to all concerned in achieving this fantastic coup!! I might even buy his new album now.
  11. You would get us all locked up if we sang that Geo.
  12. I totally agree with you Jean he need a quiet word from someone within the Club and I'm sure that he will mind his P's & Q's in the future. What we don't need is so many on here making this an excuse to crucify the man. For me Saturday highlighted once again just how much we need him in the team
  13. I'm sure that Tom is very bothered about what people think about him but I guess he is a more than a little tired of the number of fans who have stopped patting him on the back and started to stick knives in it instead! For me if the man never scores another goal for us or plays another game, I will always treasure the many great memories that he has given me and how he has saved us almost single handedly at times from several relegation scrapes. Believe me everybody needs to be loved and Tom Pope is no different!
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