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  1. A few of things struck me immediately yesterday. First of all when we are going to be put under pressure as Walsall applied we need 'real' full backs on duty. Monty is too prone to making errors though he does also produce some good work. What the hell was he doing allowing a ball which he could and should have cleared run to an opponent for a easy second goal. Secondly if we reach the 'promised land' of L1 next season we will need more pace from our central defenders. I love Leon but he gets run ragged when playing against pacey forwards and in L1 there will be plenty awaiting us there.
  2. I do wonder why JA continually chooses to select Bennett ahead of Pope when it is clear as day that Popey is far more effective. I didn't go to the game yesterday but on the radio I continually heard comments like' Bennet has been penalised for pulling his opponents shirt' and 'Poor control by Bennett'. I'm not a Bennett hater and would never abuse the bloke during a game but it is simply that Pope is a far better and proven front man. Playing as an isolated one up front striker when good control and the ability to hold on to the ball is vital shows that Richie Bennett isn't the man for
  3. How in heavens name can Salford keep signing these players without breaking the spending ruling?
  4. Nice for us to be 90% in agreement Howjy and I also idolised Sproey but we are now in a different era and unfortunately the internet etc though having great advantages does have massive down sides and Tom loves to engage in banter but he should realise that many will dish it out but squeal when he gives it back. Though I don't have an account my son tells me of some of Popey's tweets the one that made me chuckle was when a 'Lardie' was trying to belittle Tom's goalscoring he retorted 'Well you have Berahino on your books who cost £12,000,000 and has scored 5 goals. If I was playing for Sjoke I
  5. Never has the saying that goals change games been more appropriate. Until Amoo burst through and got the penalty we were totally out played and out classed. I think that Exeter were victims of their own downfall because they had been so much in control up to that moment that their defence pushed up too high up the pitch believing that they could take things easy but Amoo's pace changed all that in a trice. After that Exeter fell apart and the Vale were galvanised and tore them apart. Every player deserved their share of the credit for this after the equaliser went in. The defence which h
  6. I am 100% agreement there Howjy but Tom is still a legend. I realise that you don't seem to like the bloke but if you open your eyes and see exactly what he has done for Port Vale over the years. I am sure that you will agree that he is without a doubt a true Legend
  7. I agree with most of those thoughts Doha. The one that you did surprise me with was Evans because for me he is a liability and on par with Lloyd as the worst player currently on our books. Football is often a horrible game with the future career of players constantly down to the manager's opinion. For me though I think that he deserves more time I do fear that John Askey is by and large too negative. I know that he can only set up with the players at his disposal but I do fear that he is by his very nature a cautious man. I hope that he proves me wrong in the future but as one man that
  8. Whether you like it or not Howjy Tom Pope has been a very positive influence to Port Vale ever since he put on a shirt for us. 1 He was the main reason why we got promotion to L1 in 2012-13 2 He has saved us from the threat of relegation on several occasions with some heroic performances. I well remember us losing 2-0 at home to Preston when Tom came off the bench after a long injury lay off, he changed the game, popped in the first goal for us then was brought down for us to equalise from the spot. I am convinced to this day that had we lost that game we would have gone down.
  9. No but we will finish a darn sight lower if we play any of the other options as the lone striker. In regard to other clubs just take it from me if Pope were to be made available he wouldn't be short of interested parties in L2 even at the age of 35.
  10. One of a few voices of reason here. The simple truth is that Tom will only score goals when he gets the right ammunition and the widemen are giving him crosses to attack. It's no good belting it up to him when his back is towards the opponents goal unless he has a strike partner to take advantage of his flick ons. On the subject of stats you can get them to read anything if you put the right slant on it. I agree 4 in 20 odd isn't good but 4 in 3 in the cup is brilliant. Do you get where I am coming from?
  11. He is going to be a big loss and a hard person to replace but if anyone can the Shanahans can!
  12. Quite frankly some of the comments that are made on this site regarding Tom Pope simply make me feel sick to my back teeth. Like Pope is a waste of money despite the fact that he has only scored more goals than any other Vale striker since the war and tell me another striker who we could even dream of signing who are within a country mile of Tom. I bet you were all dancing on the terraces when he banged in three against Cheltenham and when he scored a beauty against City at the Etihad and who was was the main reason that we earned the cash windfall of a mere estimated £250,000. Also t
  13. I for one aren't calling for John Askey's head and I was never expecting a charge for promotion in Carol and Kevin's first season. Having said that though most games this season haven't been an easy watch with us especially at home scratching for a goal to win a game or salvage a point. Surely the Manager should be able to see that by playing two strikers we become a more potent unit. Take last night we got on top when we played two men up top in the last 20 minutes or so but it wasn't down to better personnel being brought on. It would be because it simply gave the Morecombe defence a
  14. It isn't the two games in 4 days that is the problem it is playing up front on his own with little to no service. Remember 'Feed the Pope.....'. If Tom was a dog Askey would be charged with cruelty for starving him!!
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