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    Born & Bred in Clayton. Coming from a farming background. Though I worked for many years in the 'Pots' as a figure painter and gilder


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  1. Often the Manager baffles me. I applaud his introduction of Will Atkinson and if he continues to produce he will need a longer deal before someone else steps in. On now to why he confuses me: 1 Why does he continue to play one man up front when it is clear as day that two strikers is the way to go as the second half on Saturday proved. Some called it a master stroke to bring on Bennett, I would describe it as just common sense and I hope that the Boss takes this onboard in the future. With just one up top the 'lone ranger' is surrounded and snared by three giants who in Popey's case are
  2. The disrespect that is shown to Tom Pope is I find stupid and very, very sad. Tom Pope is the number one choice to lead the line though he does need the help of a partner up front but tell me a striker who does enjoy playing on their own up front. There isn't a better centre forward in the division he has sublime heading ability, good ball control and is a good passer of the ball. Granted he lacks pace but as he himself admits ''how can you lose something which you never had in the first place?'' I fully expect Tom to be our main striker for several years yet because he wont los
  3. It's a very sad day for Bury and lower league football in general. I just think how lucky we are to have got rid of Smurthwaite with the Shanahans meeting his inflated valuation. It surely makes people realise just how badly governed English football is with the 'fat cats' taking all of the cream and keeping the remainder of the football pyramid left to scrat around for the crumbs. It is a disgraceful situation. I wonder if those who reviled the protesters and the Black and Gold group in particular now realise that without these people we could have been the next Bury by being ow
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