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  1. Agreed, nothing to fear for us at all in the northern section of the draw. In an ideal world, we'll get another home draw to give us the best opportunity of getting through. One more quick point, I've said before on EFLT threads that I am a regular at EFLT games, as I can't always make weekend fixtures work for me, and have been since the competition format changed. Now I think we can all agree that the format definitely changed for the worse, however its been particularly interesting for me to see how there is a slight change in how the competition is being viewed by Vale supporters this season. Another win in the trophy, a slightly increased gate on Tuesday and more money in the bank has raised interest, and once again this comes to real feel good factor around the place. The manager has used his squad well in these games and Vale have been rewarded with progress for players (Scott Burgess the stand out one, as his performance at Macc and a little injury luck for him propelled him into the first team picture) and in terms of finances (we've made c.£70k out of this so far this season). Momentum is key in football, and winning these games certainly doesn't hinder that in anyway. Personally, I'd love to see us try and win the competition! WEM-BER-LEY, WEM-BER-LEY.......... UTV!
  2. My team for this evening would be: Brown Atkinson Smith Brisley Evans Worrall Joyce Conlon Browne Cullen Bennett Experienced side, I think Rhys Browne and Tom Conlon could certainly benefit from having another 60 minutes in the tank, Cullen and Bennett will both need game time as they won't be getting in ahead of Pope after Saturday, maybe an argument for playing a few more regular players especially if Mansfield are going to make changes, to keep that all important momentum going! UTV!
  3. Echo a lot of the comments on here. In summary, so far so good. 10th in the table, ticking along nicely with the (joint) best home record in the division, is very much progress in my opinion. JA has done really well in giving us an identity, and is astute in being able to switch between 3-4 different systems. It's slightly annoying to hear the archaic "4-4-2 brigade" out in force at times,as I think we've done really well playing 4-3-3, the Forest Green game was a shining example of that, in my view what was our best performance of the season so far. It's all to give us protection for our back 4, to ensure we don't get over-run in midfield, and to ensure we have players free to press high up the pitch. What's been particularly pleasing for me is that, in reality, we appear to be stronger than we are on paper. Burgess and Taylor have been really nice surprises, and players who have come into the team in recent weeks have not looked out of place. Considering the amount of injuries we've had to cope with, I'm delighted with our form, with players still to come back into the team. I have a feeling we will be going into games with a really strong bench in the next week or two. Quickly on our identity, credit must also go to Dave Kevan and Danny Pugh, Kevan especially who seems to be an excellent coach, and a really important part of what we do day-to-day on the training pitch. The one concern is the number of hamstring injuries we have picked up early in the season, but must stress that Dave Kevan addressed this last week and the staff are looking at why we are picking these injuries up. Lots of work going on, on and off the pitch, great home form, our identity riddle finally solved (probably since the first time since Page, maybe back as far as Adams), 10th in the league, a definite work in progress and certainly lots to get excited about! UTV!
  4. James Gibbons for me so far, honourable mentions for Legge, Smith and Worrall.
  5. I thought Vale, in general, were very good last night. After a promising opening 20 minutes, Shrewsbury began to sit right on top of Evans and hence forced us deep. This of course prompted the change in shape second half, following the introduction of Jordan Archer, and it subsequently changed the game. From that point on there was only going to be one winner, Vale were excellent in a 4-2-3-1. Callum Evans was fantastic, decent in posession, kept us ticking along, energetic, tackled, worked like a Trojan. Cullen and Archer were very good when they got on, Archer in particular, a touch rough around the edges but looks as if there is a player in there and would be a nightmare to play against in that mood. Special mention for Kieran Kennedy, he was excellent (OG he couldn't really do anything about), he was calm in possession, good first touch, used the ball well and was disciplined, traits which seems to befit all of John Askey's summer signings. Good nights work against strong opposition, and another really good performance and result.
  6. Team I'd go with with Saturday in mind, also with an eye on going as far as we possibly can in the competition would be: Maddison Evans Kennedy Smith Campbell Gordon Burgess Joyce Taylor Cullen Pope Montano
  7. Arthur’s mentioned this morning to the press that he’s talking to a League One striker and defender, any news from the grapevine on who they are?
  8. First half last night was as good a performance in terms of going for the throat that I've seen since Adam's was in charge. If Vale went into the break 5-1 up I don't think FGR could have had too many complaints, the Vale dominated, especially in that opening 40 minutes. Lots of criticism of FGR's equaliser and rightlfully so, however massive credit to James Gibbons, he grew his way back into the game. Superb performance from the young man, could have wilted after the mistake but didn't. Adam Crookes was equally as good down the left, great night for both of our full backs, in a great team performance. FGR changed to match us second half, a massive compliment to how we were playing, and credit to them, they were much better second half. I came away from the game feeling great, really really positive stuff!
  9. In a way I think Askey has quite a nice headache up front. Does he play the talismanic Pope, who's ability in the air is probably second to none in this division, or go with Bennett, fresh from his goal on Saturday, and could and should have scored again in the latter stages of the contest. Does he play them both as a pair, or bring in the smaller more mobile Cullen, who in fairness, didn't get much change out of Burton. Nothing wrong with the back 4, who are playing well at the moment, however Crookes is still a slight concern at left back. He is capable and dependable, but I have a fear that a wide player with a bit of guile and pace would rinse him. He's young and still learning so for now should continue in the team. Still think we look a little lightweight in midfield, however, we are digging in and not getting beaten, so its a platform to build on. FGR will be the toughest test we've had so far though in my opinion. Team I'd go with is.... Brown Gibbons / Legge / Smith / Crookes Joyce / Conlon Amoo / Worrall / Montano Bennett
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