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  1. Did any of them even turn up at The Wembley of the North.
  2. His name was on the EFL team sheet on Saturday , under 1st team coach.
  3. Would love to see this come off, but i for one wouldnt call it a disastrous season if we just fell short . My hope for this season was stability and a top half finish. Anything more is a great bonus, so go for it lads , we are right behind you. Sent from my LG-H340n using onevalefan mobile app
  4. Did someone actually complain about Popeys tweet or is it just the FA being total jobsworths. Sent from my LG-H340n using onevalefan mobile app
  5. Seems the majority of the so called fans on FB forgot to post about our 2-0 win against Swindon the other week ,but we’re out in force after Saturdays defeat . The same names cropping up when we we lose , posts moaning that “seasons finished” “ no ambition” “ spend some money” Thought that this season was a season of STABILITY for the club , and the owners . Carol and Kev ignore these minions you are doing a fantastic job . UTV
  6. Maybe Manny could do this. ( for a couple of games)
  7. Michal OConnor to Salford, I’m sure the pay will ease the travelling.
  8. Many Vale fans bought in the away end , think we could be looking at a 10,000 following. Conner wait. UTV
  9. Just a couple of players needed to be a promotion side, but more than anything else is consistency. Seen some terrific performances , followed by just alright performances. Also need to see games out after winning positions . We WOULD have been up there if we had done this . Even with our present squad of players
  10. Its a great day out for us fans, a dream game for the players, and Carol and Kev pick up a nice cheque at the end of it. Of course not expecting it , but a goal would be the icing. These games dont come along very often for us , so lets ALL enjoy it ,and make ourselves heard , regardless of the score. UTV. SVA VTID
  11. What a load of bull you spout you are talking absolut C**P.....Obviously never been down a coal mine, and haven’t got a clue what you are talking about. You are describing mines from the Victorian era, not the 1990s. Any miner I know would return to a job down the pit in a heartbeat. Miners were grafters, salt of the earth, and I was proud to have been one. So don’t talk through your ar5e about something you know nothing about.
  12. Four of us going ,each got a season ticket and only had one ticket each . Brother in law could have come with us ,but got his extra ticket for his Sjokie workmate who fancies a day on the pi55.
  13. Oh dear ,no post from you about Saturdays great result, Popeys hatrick must have really peed you off........confirmed by your sarcastic comments.
  14. Hard won 3 points today, Cullen has to be a contender to start at Scunthorpe. Don’t think Bennett had a bad game ,just needs to put good chances away. Gibbo and Wozzer stand out players for me . Can’t help but think about the games at Salford and Orient, could have really been in the mix. Still , we are doing alright, steadily moving in the right direction , happy with the players and manager up to now . Owners doing a great job.UTV
  15. Ern, you were writing posts like this in July, it is now mid November and you are still submitting the same obnoxious posts. My thinking is this, maybe your infatuation with Ryan Lloyd is because he is " your " love child.
  16. Someone elses opinion is ridiculous then. .......Youve obviously never been to Crwho to watch the Vale . They hate playing against Popey.
  17. I would sooner listen to the opinions of fans who actually went to the game.
  18. There was one person who on FB who continually effs and blinds about Popey, and recently commented about Joyce , just one line ....Joyce F.....g c..t. This poster turns out to be a foul mouthed 17yr old , known by my son , who is apparently a big man on the key board, a little wimp off it.
  19. Still struggling to say something positive about the Vale , and still spouting the usual sarcastic drivel.
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