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  1. Had many chances to clear the ball for their first goal and Stone should have put the ball at the back of Lorne st for their second . Both goals could have been avoided with a size 12 hoof behind the ball
  2. I agree ,but against Tranmere we seemed to be missing that extra midfielder .
  3. Would only change one of your team , I would play Gerraty behind Wilson and Proctor Holy Smith Hall Jones Gibbo Pett Charsley Hussey Gerraty Wilson Proc
  4. How can anyone be a happy clapper when we now have a club to be proud of ,don’t think that phrase really applies anymore . However saying that , I’ve been a very happy clapper this season , when we had run of ten wins in twelve games, when we beat Accrington in the cup ,away at Burton too , even yesterday and a 94 th minute equaliser made me a very happy clapper . YOU however have probably been your miserable self ,moaning and whinging about anything in those games. It seems hard for you to actually support what we have now at our club , you’ve probably moaned that much over the years , moaning is now your way of life.
  5. There was still enough time for us to score another ,but your usual negativity shone through.
  6. Cant see how booing helps your team ,but if some fans feel the need ,it’s their choice . Personally I’ve NEVER booed any Vale team ,and I’ve seen some 5hite believe me , in the 60 yrs I’ve been a Vale supporter .
  7. Bit disappointed that Rodders has gone BUT we couldnt keep waiting for him to find some of last seasons form . This season, for me he didn’t seem interested and even looked out of his depth in some games , and probably looked for a move . No matter what position or system you play ,you give your all or you get found out , unfortunately the latter happened in Rodders case . He should have been a fans favourite at the Vale this season but sadly for some reason couldn’t hack it ,he will go down the road and probably be a fans favourite there . But we move on ,we are Vale aren’t we . Best of luck Rodders
  8. Think we look stronger now for the run in ,than we did for the first half of the season . The defence has been improved and the additions of the two young loanees gives us a more forward option without playing players out of position to cover Wilson and Procs . On paper it’s looking good , just hope they can produce the goods ,should be an exciting run in to what I hope will be a successful end to the season .UTV
  9. Would like a new CB too please Flitters , no one fancy , about 6 ft 8 in the mould of Hazel or Aspin ,with the skills of Glover or Welsh ,and the pace of Gardner.
  10. Not at all impressed with Martin ,with Johnson gone too , I would like to see a decent solid experienced CB brought in .
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