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  1. Sad to say ,Martin has played 5 league games for us . W1 D1 L3 with him starting. Northampton Rochdale Forest Green Mansfield andOldham .Not been too impressed with him ,or Johnson so far this season
  2. Just like to add , Martin has started 5 league games for us , Northampton,Rochdale Oldham Mansfield and Forest Green .W1 L3 D1. Not been too impressed with him or Johnson up to now.
  3. Used to see and speak with Tony at many away games, and on away buses in our teenage years . But as we got older , seeing Tony out anywhere, he would always give me the nod of acknowledgment of being VALE, from one VALE fan to another. RIP Tone , we are all Vale aren’t we . UTV .
  4. Think Quest are doing a feature about Sutton on Saturday too .
  5. To me , looks like Rodney lifted his forearm and the Swindle player head butted it , dirty b******
  6. My first ever Vale away game was at Oldham of this season , beat them 3-2 think it was Bobby Gough scored a screamer for the winner . Great season .
  7. Both the Stokinel , and Radio Sjoke do minimal if no coverage of Vale . Think Crwho get more attention .
  8. 4-0 up against Hereford , my wife’s first ever Vale game , got to have been impressed , NO she even moaned then .🤬
  9. Maguire in a recent interview , said his biggest regret was sitting back on a 1-0 halftime lead against Croatia in the World Cup semis , instead of going for a second goal . Said they were too scared to concede, rest is history . Deja vu . As good as Italy are , they were there for the taking .
  10. Just asked if there were any more signings expected today.
  11. So is that it then , no more signings on the horizon ?
  12. Can Phillips pass the ball forward more than twice in a game ? Second half at times he was playing betweenMaguire and Stones , so negative. Southgates tactics rubbish, need to play only one DM .
  13. Only improvement against Scotland game , a shower of 5hite with a goal.
  14. England tonight were a shower of sh**
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