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  1. Sadly they'll still be 2 leagues above us next Season with 18000 gates.
  2. Perhaps because he's simply not good enough and far too inconsistent
  3. What Tannoy!!!! That's what it's like in the Railway 🤣. If there was ever an emergency the club would be in trouble it's that bad.
  4. I see Greenwood has been further arrested today with further accusations of Sexual assault and Threats to kill.
  5. I can't believe the statement her Father has come out with. Worried about losing his perks and cash.
  6. So Wilson came for Peanuts then?? How did Tranmeres or Salfords big weekly wage Strikers go on today.
  7. Facebook 🤣🤣. The same poster also said Telford was signing for £4k a week 🤣🤣🤣.
  8. Anybody listen to the pod and the comments about Conlon potentially being out for the Season, so I'm hoping Carol has a big cheque book. We've certainly been cursed this Season
  9. But you only have to look at the start of the Season. Fans were writing Wilson off, yet he showed he needs games to find his form. So no way will Clarke drop him, as he knows, a fully fit Wilson is head and shoulders ahead of any other Striker we have technically and is a key player for us.
  10. No bloody hope for him. Its no wonder the wife logs out of FB, when he pops up 🤣
  11. Why doesn't that Suprise me, having seen you in Facebook action 🤣🤣
  12. Perhaps an idea to Tweet Carol, others have mentioned it on there and there is an ongoing thread. Yeah I'm sure Carol doesn't want tagging in everything, however she will want fans to have the best experience possible so I'm sure she will welcome feedback.
  13. But do we risk losing him for nothing in the Summer. Personally and I've heard nothing to think this, however I do think he will move to an higher League club. Perhaps that's why Hussey is linked.
  14. Be interesting to see if there is anything in the Rodney leaving rumor.
  15. I can't wait till we sign some Non League Striker for a £10k fee. Social media will be in absolute meltdown 🤣🤣. Someone actually thinks we could sign Beasley from Rochdale despite him being contracted till 2023. 🤣
  16. Somehow I doubt Brentford is our biggest game of the Season. 🤣. Infact I wouldn't even risk players like Wilson. These games off have been a big plus for us. Now we have a decent 2 week break before the next important game to get a Striker and Defender in.
  17. I can't get my head around why anyone would want the game on, unless you've paid to come over from Denmark. Think about it we were shocking 2nd half v Bristol Rovers and likewise v Newport without any Strikers, so why in gods name do fans want it on. Surely we would be better not playing now until after the Brentford game when we've had the chance bring some players in and the likes of Wilson / Proctor are closer to being back.
  18. Interestingly Carol was on the Colin Murrey show on 5Live last night. Talking about last week's game being called off. She went on to say, that the club held a 4 hour meeting to discuss whether to play or not. At times even though clubs may have casses it can sometimes end up in brinkmanship between Clubs as the Club who does call it off ends up with a charge and potential fine. For example last week the club had also heard Exeter had cases and were poss hoping they called it off first, however after the meeting the Vale decided to do it. They are holding another meeting Tuesday to make a decision about Boxing day. She also defended other clubs players not having the Vaccine saying that sadly the players are very scared and have received no reassurance about no side effects The Vale players that tested positive were however all Vaccinated.
  19. Seems some Americans are close to buying Bradford with funding via Crypto Currency. Then we have this guy who it seems has brought Bedford and plans to get them in the Prem using Crypto. What could possibly go wrong 🤣
  20. Talking of Covid. It would be awful if the Club suddenly had a big outbreak. I'm sure Clarke would be absolutely gutted if several games had to be postponed 😁
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