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  1. No later than 4pm Wed mate. 72 hours b4. I've not received ours yet
  2. 瞿290 mate 不不. Please don't ask why I've actually worked it out. 不. Then the drivers wages, maintenance. If you think a coach is expensive you want see my taxi fares to London and back 不.
  3. I've just Tweeted Ticketmaster, Carol &Colin to ask why Mansfield have now been offered Cat 5 Tickets yet Vale are still being forced to buy Cat 1 to a Limited amount of Cat 4. Whether Ticketmaster respond is a different matter, but if anyone wants to raise it, feel free to comment on Twitter @andypvfc
  4. People saying no cheaper seats. The blocks just released are Cat 3 so reasonable priced
  5. Think another 2 blocks of tier 2 released coming down right hand side. Think it was 3 blocks this morning, now 5 blocks
  6. Tbf I've given up checking now, bring back Ted 不
  7. What I don't understand though, is someone said earlier, that greyed out seats had already been sold and only the white areas were areas that still to be released. Well blocks 236, 237 and 238 have been greyed out since Fri making it look like they had already been sold. Is it me or is Ticketmaster bloody hard to understand 不
  8. Can anyone understand Ticketmaster. I thought all Tier 2 behind the goal was greyed out earlier, meaning sold. Yet now more seats have been released.
  9. People saying Mansfield have had more blocks released, however someone said the white areas are the ones not released yet, grey are sold, blue are available. So looking at these pics I don't think there is much difference. Seems Vale have sold most of the seats down the bottom side, behind the goal and towards the corner of the top side of the pic. With white blocks on the top side still to be released. Mansfield look similar with plenty of white blocks still to be released on the top side of the pic. However clearly Mansfield haven't sold as many bottom corner or behind the goal.
  10. Think Stoke had 94 Coaches for their FA Cup semi, so surely if they could find Coaches when Bolton would of also taken similar, then Vale can.
  11. The Vale site was saying make sure you have a match ticket before trying to get an official coach ticket. Looks like it should have been the other way round. How many will 50 coaches take? 5000? That leaves a hell of a lot of people relying on more expensive rail options 49 on a coach, so 2450. Having said that I'm sure there was only 40 odd coaches from Vale for the Autoglass. Don't quote me though.
  12. Am I right in the Boxpark only guranteeing access till 1pm, in which you may struggle if your going on Coach. The official leave at 9am (possible), the Crowns leave at 9.30am, (Maybe touch and Go)
  13. Did someone post earlier they couldn't a group of seats together. It's easier if you put how many seats you want at first, rather than trying pick rows off a Map. I've just highlighted I wanted 8 for an example and it brings up the seats for you. Easier now I know how use the system unlike yesterday 不不
  14. Like I say folks I've still got 1 spare seat from the Crown if your desperate.
  15. Folks I've got a spare seat on one of Dickos coaches from the Crown if anyone wants it. I booked 5 seats but 1 lad dropped out, so rather than mess Dicko about I'll just pay him for the 5, and keep the spare seat. If anyone wants it, drop me a message or Dm me on twitter at @andypvfc. 瞿35 with him, leaving from the Crown Burslem at 9.30
  16. Haha, I'll be honest you even had me worried for a minute as mine say restrictions apply 不. Must be the none singing / boring section 不不
  17. Yeah across 40 coaches at the mo there is just odd seats available amounting to around 72 (can't believe I counted lol). Presume more coaches will get booked if needed
  18. I've tagged Ticketmaster, Colin Garlick and Carol.on Twitter @andypvfc folks if you want contact them to raise any probs.
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