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  1. You mean 1 wum on FB started it and now all OVF is in panic mode. 不
  2. Prob is I'm only 2ft 6 不不不 (5ft 4 really), so it's be like a bed sheet down to my ankles 不不
  3. Anybody know how Errea shirts fit? . I want order the new shirt but not sure what size go for. (And for anyone who knows me don't say midget size) 不. Last shirt I brought was the Villa lookalike under Bruno and that was XXXL, so wondering if same size would be OK.
  4. A new pitch, new floodlights, a new 8000 seater Railway Paddock with Concourse and enough investment to get us surging up the Leagues and stable in the Prem. Is that enough for starters 不. Walsall fans are already doing my nut in about their Billionaire owners 不
  5. Some of their fans getting excited saying they have assets of over 瞿12Billion. Who knows, however no mater how much they are worth, can they run a Footy Club.
  6. Wash your mouth out. Everyone knows Sids are the better taxi company 不
  7. Swindon fans were getting excited on Twitter yesterday hinting they have nicked a staff member off us 不不, as though they had, stolen our manager. And I'm being serious. Do they know he's just a coach
  8. The guy is nuts and infectious. I actually hope we keep him, he's good for the dressing room and shows how close they are https://youtu.be/tk2It3hEB-k
  9. No a cabbie mate, so only come out when it goes Dark. I'm safely back at home now having my Tea before bed 不
  10. If anyone still needs Coach Seats I notice there is still seats on Coach 57
  11. It basically means come in and spend your money, however as we're Vale fans we'll leave the pub at 3.55 不不
  12. I've launched a 1 man petition of Dicko to request his Coaches leave at 7am or def before 9.30. On account Pubs are open from 10am and the Box park Fan Zone only guarantees entrance till 1pm, which will be tight if we arrive in time. Please feel free to add to my petition 不不
  13. Even Stoke only took 94 coaches to an FA Cup semi mate and they had far more time plan for them. Vale prob couldn't order until last Fri morning. Add to that it's the Challenge Cup final this Sat meaning a lot of Northern based coaches had already been booked by Wigan
  14. Still received nothing. Is anyone still waiting?
  15. So how many have received their tickets? We still haven't received ours yet.
  16. What email for them did you use mate, just incase
  17. No later than 4pm Wed mate. 72 hours b4. I've not received ours yet
  18. 瞿290 mate 不不. Please don't ask why I've actually worked it out. 不. Then the drivers wages, maintenance. If you think a coach is expensive you want see my taxi fares to London and back 不.
  19. I've just Tweeted Ticketmaster, Carol &Colin to ask why Mansfield have now been offered Cat 5 Tickets yet Vale are still being forced to buy Cat 1 to a Limited amount of Cat 4. Whether Ticketmaster respond is a different matter, but if anyone wants to raise it, feel free to comment on Twitter @andypvfc
  20. People saying no cheaper seats. The blocks just released are Cat 3 so reasonable priced
  21. Think another 2 blocks of tier 2 released coming down right hand side. Think it was 3 blocks this morning, now 5 blocks
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