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  1. 1 hour ago, Packmoor_vale said:

    The agenda boys totally ignored this aswell 


    Obviously something as gone on but how many on here broke a rule or 2?? 
    I’m pretty sure they had this quiz online because of the restrictions 


    "Flanked by 2 colleagues" 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Just intrigued as to whether you followed this very firm line (absolutely zero opinion until the formal results of a public inquiry) for politicians from other parties.

    Prepare for silence. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, ginge said:

    No i asked if you agreed that Johnson and his government were covidiots, I am happy for you to nominate others who didn't follow the rules, but I am interested in what you think about our own pm/government breaking the rules they expect us to follow. For once admit they are a shambles and don't deflect! 

    FUA cant admit it because he is a shambles himself. Man child  

  4. 57 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:

    It's a poor analogy for the reasons that Regal Beagle gives but also due to the fact that wearing a seatbelt has been proven to save lives over many years of study. It's a tangible, clear, evidence based reasoning for people wearing them. I understand that there was 10 years of testing undertaken before they were even trialled.

    Masks until just over a year ago had been proclaimed as useless by every leading health agency and then 5 minutes of studies later they're all of a sudden highly effective. Genuinely if you can't see the fallacy in that then there is no hope.

    It's purely theatre to remind people that danger is about but is also a fairly non intrusive measure to show that governments are doing something, even if that something is useless.

    Your final comment insinuates that you don't care about people who choose to drink excessively or smokers? Presumably we should have no sympathy for them if they end up in hospital? Or those that eat too much?

    What a load of <ovf censored>  

    Apart from your last paragraph which I agree with. If you are a drunk and injured yourself I shouldn't have to pay for your treatment. Same with smokers and drug users. You know the risk, dont expect someone else to look after you when it all goes <ovf censored> up. 


    Have you thought why there has been worldwide research on masks recently? Show me one peer reviewed research paper dated prior to covid that says masks are useless. Please.

  5. 9 hours ago, Properman said:

    I did vote for Brexit, on the grounds we were told it would stop rif raf getting into our country, it has'nt. Loads has gone wrong, but dont get me going about poor farmers, him on that tractor in Swindon has more wealth under his arse than 90% of people in Stoke on Trent. I also have to say when we went in the common market did'nt everyone say what a bad thing? We did alright before I am sure a few years down the line we will hopefully be ok.

    I suggest you watch Clarkson's Farm on amazon if you think farmers are raking it in

  6. 15 hours ago, leedsvaliant said:

    I don't know where you got those figures from but they're an absolute load of rubbish!

    For a start there have been way more than that.

    Peer reviewed studies 


    Find me one on there that says you're better not wearing a mask than wearing one. 

  7. 1 hour ago, leedsvaliant said:
    1 hour ago, Fosse69 said:
    With his legal background the need for the appropriate evidence is in his blood. 

    Well....quite. You'd want to be absolutely sure wouldn't you?

    Just like you are about the masks despite the majority of the 67 studies into the effectiveness of masks showing that they are effective in stopping the wearer spreading covid. But you're absolutely sure based on a very small minority of research (2/67 reports since the pandemic begun) supporting your view. Wonder what you would say if Starmer backed something only 3% of the scientific community agreed with? 

  8. 23 hours ago, darren1810 said:

    First comment on this thread totally not interested in politics.  Whatever colour they are all feathering their own nests. 

    What has gone on is an absolute outrage and can only end one way if he has common decency.

    What I will add and please don't see this as an excuse as there isn't one.

    But there were office and family parties up and down the country by people who couldn't give a toss. I know of a Carabao cup Lard v Spurs party and also a works party on the work premises after work had finished.  

    The fact that the government chose to join in the law breaking is a national disgrace.  

    The reason I dislike politics is for stuff like the SNP guy giving it the big one yesterday yet Jimmy Kranky hadn't the guts to sack her colleague who travelled from London actually with Covid.

    The lot of them are hypocrites and many have plenty of skeletons in their seedy corrupt cupboards. 


    Don't you think the government should be held to a higher standard than the morons up and down the country who held parties?

    Not like you to make sweeping generalisations about groups of people...Not all politicians are corrupt but the ones we have in now certainly are. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Doha said:


    Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. Blue passports. 


    But sovrinty

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  10. Clarkey has a football team in Burslem Town

    The super side that plays in black and white

    Before we had Askey he nearly took us down 

    But now were on our way to the top flight


    To the tune of Ob la di ob la da  verse "Desmond has a barrow in the market place etc.."

    I won't give up the day job!




  11. 1 hour ago, Joe B said:

    Broken record mate.

    Boris is not doing a very good job. Over half the country think he should resign. 80% think his party have broken rules.

    You're in a corner, here.

    Admitting you were wrong is a declaration that you are wiser than you were before. 

    And then you've got FUA

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  12. 3 hours ago, For Us All said:

    Congratulations,a win at last.

    You must be over the moon?😃

    Apologies seem to do the trick these days.👍

    Your problem lies in your first sentence. Its not about your side winning or losing. Why is it even about sides? You're getting <ovf censored> like the rest of us but you seem to be enjoying it because its your side doing it. 

    Who was it who said that the only problem with democracy is that you have to let everyone vote.

    Struggling to answer simple questions as always

    I suppose that is labours fault too 🤣

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