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  1. 8 hours ago, eh up nah said:

    I'm out tonight with a guy who's work partner was a girl aged 29.  

    Had a little boy aged 9.

    She had cancer.

    Her treatment got stopped last winter as, obviously this virus with a 98% recovery was having its second go.

    It took priority of course, as it should, being the next black death.

    She died, despite having a highly positive outlook prior to this.

    Still, WV, Fosse, Tommytunstall, they're ok with that. We should be stopping everything for it.

    Covid is the only game.

    I hope you're happy guys.

    You seem fine with it, so yeah, you probably are.



    The only 2 people I know with cancer had treatment that carried on right through the pandemic. I haven't heard of anyone who had treatment stopped. 

    Don't put words into my mouth again. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, FriedRice said:

    yes we need someone who wants to restrict voter rights,takes bribes from Russia,is anti public health care,is pro guns and is a racist

    All peas in a pod 

  3. 45 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    And to be clear - before anyone projects and straw mans me....I'm not saying the PCR test is useless. Leeds Valiant has not said the test is useless.


    But the interpretations condensed into a scary headline based on the results of 1.3m-1.6m daily tests with absolutely no context, are next to useless.


    They're useful for confirming a case of covid when you have reason to suspect you have covid although it's worth remembering that the vast, vast majority of people with Covid either don't know they have it, or develop very mild symptoms, and so that's why you need to take the 80k-90k daily cases figure with a pinch of salt, unless we have the missing context.


    Just ask yourself this question - If we started testing 10 million people every day, do you think the 80k-90k case number would go up or down or stay the same?

    Next, if we were testing 10 million people a day, would hospitalisations go up, down or stay the same?


    The headline figure is correlational at best. It's not related to illness. It's not related to hospitalisations and it's not related to deaths. 


    Why would we test 10m a day? You seem to have a habit of making up outrageous scenarios that will never happen then asking the what ifs. Try and be a bit more honest. You're more outlandish than the media. Whats the point in debate if you think I am gaslighting and fact checking websites (more than one of them) are not in fact good for facts. I will take your word over theirs will I? 

  4. 5 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:

    Decent effort I'll give you that. Much of these don't debunk what was said by him though and claim that things are taken 'out of context '. This is their interpretation not a fact and his comments about PCR, even if attributed to aids can apply to any virus.

    The amount of cycles is very much relevant as Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence based medicine said, anything tested over a certain level of cycles is meaningless as anything found above about 30 cycles would not be infectious. The UK and many other countries have tested way above that.


    Any source of your own to back up what you're claiming? A direct quote where he actually says it is not suitable for mass testing and can find whatever you want? 


    A number of those sites I listed explain in really simple terms why what you are claiming isn't true. You are living proof that even in the face of a mountain of reliable evidence to show you are wrong you still double down on your lies. Why is that? 

  5. 1 minute ago, Fosse69 said:

    How do you know there is nothing wrong without a test? My wife has just taken a test prior to a visit to the hairdresser.

    What can't be measured can't be managed. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, leedsvaliant said:

    So this is where we're at. Games being postponed left right and centre, over a test that by its own inventor stated was not suitable for mass testing and can find whatever you want.

    People seem to be happy with this insane testing regime which is having a massive effect on every day life including up to 10% of medical staff isolating in the middle of a supposed pandemic!

    More and more people are seeing this for the madness it is but there are those out there who will continue to play ball to achieve some nominal state of safety that will never be achievable.

    We'll continue in this cycle until we stop testing unless in hospital.

    Keep peddling the BS 

    If you cannot win people over without lying doesn't that tell you that you might not be in the right? Why do you keep perpetuating the bull <ovf censored>? I have a few sources for you so you can finally prove that you aren't closed minded and can change your mind in the face of new evidence. 

    Happy to compare sources if you can provide the one you got that from. 

  7. Good to see loyal dyed in the wool conservatives getting a kicking from the lib dems. Brilliant in fact. This result gives the rest of us hope that the rest of the country (despite the cheerleaders on here) aren't prepared to take any more of this corrupt government. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, PV1973 said:

    Fans aren’t actually superior to the players as they don’t know what game plan the team has gone out with, they don’t know what their individual roles are, they don’t know what they’ve worked on in training or anything like that. The lack of football understanding from some people is embarrassing at times when you’re sitting in the ground and hear some of the stuff they moan about.  

    Get into em

    Push up 

    Press them

    Hit it long

    Stop hitting it long 

    Etc Etc 

    Ground full of football managers with no idea what an actual manager is trying to do with a game plan. 

  9. 14 minutes ago, wotsyobeef said:

    The majority of people admitted to hospital haven't had the vaccine. 70% of the population have had 2 doses and the figure is higher in the older age groups which account for the vast majority of admissions.

    If the vaccine had no effect then the amber bars would be more than twice the height of of the blue bars instead they are a fraction of the height. If you are vulnerable to illness you would assume that you are more likely to have the jab so the amber line would again be even higher if it had no effect. Maybe if all of the people had had their jabs when suggested we wouldn't currently need any restrictions in the first place. 



    "you can't trust the figures!" *unless they support my argument then they are solid haha



    Nearly 90000 today, LV, is this still just people trying to isolate until after Christmas now? I have to say that was one of your funniest posts on this so far, just wondering if you are going to stand by it? 

  10. 53 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:
    1 hour ago, eh up nah said:
    So if we all tested and stayed in accordingly then it would disappear would it?
    How long does that carry on for?  I'm assuming the rest of our lives?
    To be fair to you, this is the closest you've come to saying what you'd accept as a reasonable landscape for coming out of this.

    There's never any exit plan with these people. Happy to embrace the 'new normal '. I'd rather enjoy what time I have left, whatever that may be, than to worry about a virus that is highly unlikely to kill me or the people I love.

    There it is. You and the people you love are fine. Not the same for me and my loved ones but I should just carry on and stop worrying because you and yours are fine 

  11. 3 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:
    6 minutes ago, WV said:
    So you think there is more people testing every day than dying from Covid? Seeing as you know some people (more than 1) who is testing every day.

    I didn't say that....I said I know at least 3 people who test every day. Extrapolate that out across the population and hey presto you get a lot of 'cases'.

    If they didn't have it they wouldn't test positive for it. If they didn't test positive they couldn't spread it. Contrary to what you think is right, if everybody tested every day that would be the quickest way out of this. If you have it stay in until you haven't got it. If the whole country did this it would be no more but unfortunately too many people like you would prefer to chase some mad conspiracy theory that literally the whole worlds government would have to be in on together for it to work as you purport. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:

    It will come out much like the swine flu, where scientists were panicking and saying all sorts of doom mongering which never materialised. It's the insane testing that is generating all this unnecessary fear as it has done all along. Remove all the rules tomorrow and nobody would notice anything out of the ordinary, just normal winter pressure. Hospitals have been put under more pressure because of the rules and the effective closure of the NHS for vast proportions of the last 18 months.

    Some of these scientists are highly intelligent, so why are they feeding the public with lies and not reflecting the data accurately.

    Did swine flu kill 5.5m worldwide? See, this is why people struggle with you. You make statements like that which are just wrong and offensive to plenty of the population. I would love to see you say that covid is just like the swine flu to anyone who lost someone this past 2 years. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:

    I actually said I knew one person who was quite ill in hospital. I also know a couple of people, including my wife, who had a cold.

    Yes, I know some people who are testing every day. Madness.

    So you think there is more people testing every day than dying from Covid? Seeing as you know some people (more than 1) who is testing every day.

  14. 17 minutes ago, tommytunstall said:

    Listen to the 3 scientists on Newsnight last night 

    We have had enough of experts! 

    oh sorry, that was the government who said that! 

  15. 44 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:


    We need the vast majority of the population to become aware and admit that they've been duped. I can't really see it happening unless it fizzles out naturally with omicron and other weak variants.


    I don't try to recruit my friends and family into my line of thinking but I do test their assertions. Like many in this thread they cannot tell me how many injections it will take until they start to work to the extent that we don't need restrictions. At the same time, they also can't admit that vaccines aren't working as well as we were told they would. 


    It's genuinely incredible how people are blind to it. Just chuck a big number at them and they'll go into bat for you no problem whatsoever. Lies, delusions, smears. It really would be quite funny if it wasn't so evil. 


    Over 10.8 million have survived covid in the UK after a quick google. That's "confirmed" cases too so likely higher. 

    That's a big number. Lets live our lives again without restrictions, and if you are scared to go to the pub, don't go to the pub.




    I thought we weren't believing the numbers? 

  16. 21 minutes ago, leedsvaliant said:

    Any increase is a facet of the testing anyway. When we had 68000 cases in January we were testing 600,000 people a day. We had 78000 cases yesterday but from 1.3 million tests, so actually a significant drop in the amount of positive tests.

    This then leads on to more people testing positive going to hospital and becoming a statistic. It's a casedemic.

    These idiots that are testing themselves daily are exacerbating the problem. I'm sure the vast majority of us will have had Covid in our system at one point or other but we won't have been contagious. Asymptomatic transmission in sufficient viral load to cause illness is the biggest overplay here.

    Just one more jab to freedom.....when will people start to wake up?

    I know you say you don't know anyone who has died from Covid or even been ill. You are one of the lucky ones in that respect. On the flip side I haven't known anyone who is testing themselves daily. Do you? 

  17. 7 hours ago, Loggerheads Sage said:

    Ffs George  ,  people have made their minds up, don't confuse things by presenting facts  🙄

    Instead of presenting an image with a few numbers on why not compare to last week admission numbers?

    On making your mind up and refusing to change it in the face of factual evidence, this thread is a goldmine for it. 

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  18. 4 hours ago, leedsvaliant said:
    6 hours ago, WV said:
    Show me where Ionnadis says masks are useless. 

    Did I say that?

    You have said masks are useless for a long time, just wondering whether the doctor you have chosen to believe thinks the same as you with regards to masks that is all. 

  19. 12 hours ago, leedsvaliant said:
    12 hours ago, tommytunstall said:
    Ok have said to you before I do intend to follow the Government (who I do not like) and their scientists. The alternative is to listen to the Loop the Loops like you do. 60000 and rising is no reason to hold off, regardless of the level of illness.

    I'm listening to people like Ionnadis, perhaps the world leading authority in epidemiology, not a second rate vaccine salesman like Vallance and a multiple modelling failure in Ferguson. Boris has placed his trust in charlatans.

    Show me where Ionnadis says masks are useless. 

  20. 7 minutes ago, For Us All said:

    Shearer on £390,000?


    Any response to the post you started about the labour party suggesting wrong doing before the inquiry was released? After stating you firmly do not give your opinion until the process is complete? What was it that was different about the labour party that caused you to break your own rule? 

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