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    Labour activists pull the other one. Just people who can see the poor job the government is doing and are unhappy with it. 

    It seems people like these Brexit voting new Tories are looking at politics like football. It's not tribal guys, you are allowed to criticise those you voted for. I cant understand the mental gymnastics these people go through to try and show their blue vote wasnt a mistake. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, tommytunstall said:

    That is a bit rich coming from you.  Before you criticise so called Labour activists remember Corbyn is out, Keir  Starmer is the new leader.  And in case you have not noticed Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister.


    Yeah but look at what could have happened if this or that had happened. Daft argument.

    If we cannot criticise the government over the poor way they have handled Coronavirus then democracy is truly dead. And I thought these Brexit voters were all about democracy? 

  3. 16 hours ago, Howjy04 said:

    Were they authentic doctors and nurses ,Tone?or actors short of work?

    That's ironic considering the fake NHS worker twitter accounts created by a PR company employed by the government to win hearts and minds. 138 accounts deleted once they had been outed. More fake news. 

  4. 32 minutes ago, Fosse69 said:

    Would not the decision be reversed if the actual deaths exceed 50,000

    A decision that allows the government to be held accountable for preventable deaths? What do you reckon? 


    It will all come out in the wash. I'll say no more on it as it's like arguing with Trump supporters on here.

    Nothing bad must be said about our glorious leader. He is doing an amazing job. 21000 deaths were simply not preventable here like in 99% off other countries for some reason but that reason defo isnt because of actions taken by our government.

    Not aimed at you Fosse  

  5. This is the same BBC that slaughtered Corbyn daily for the last 3 years? The same BBC that have fawned over BJ all the way through this. The same BBC who have reported fake numbers on the say so of the tory government. Now they put something out that doesn't shine a light on your dog and now they have political bias. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS.  The new way to debate something you cant argue against! 


    Regal, if 50000 predicted deaths wasnt high consequence then why downgrade the virus? If it is not to avoid being sued by families of dead health workers then why? Any plausible reason come to mind? 



    Fake news I bet? 

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  6. 14 hours ago, Paul6754 said:

    In your eyes no unless you've changed your opinion!

    So if say 10 people thought that drinking bleach to cure corona was a good idea but I think it's a daft idea then it's only daft in my eyes? It's not actually a daft idea because 10 people think it's a good one? You've lost the plot.

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  7. Why did our government downgrade Coronavirus on the 19th March? It wasn't so they didn't have a legal obligation to provide PPE for healthcare workers was it? Or so that they cannot be prosecuted when the subsequent enquiry finds them guilty of failing in duty of care to protect our NHS staff?


    Either way it stinks. It is a pandemic and the government downgraded it to look after their best interests instead of our health workers. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, Paul6754 said:

    Just because you consider someone's opinion daft doesn't mean other people will consider that same opinion daft.


    It also doesn't mean it still isn't daft. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    That was nothing to do with the way things are handled, that was a view from the outset on how serious the situation will be.

    Have we handled it well then? 

  10. Just now, philpvfc said:

    When has the CMO said the situation hasn’t been handled well?

    When he said that a death toll of 20000 would mean we have done well. 

  11. Difference is Phil is me or Sage aren't making it up. 

    Do you think we have handled it well then? The CMO doesn't agree with you but what does he know

  12. 1 hour ago, TheSage said:

    A close friend of mine lives and works in Berlin and has done for many years. He reckons the Germans are staggered by our poor response to this crisis and the very high number of deaths.


    I have a good friend in Italy and he was saying the same thing in the middle of March. Looks like people across Europe can't believe how poorly we have responded to this and yet there is still plenty here who think we handled this well. 21000 and counting. 

  13. 1 minute ago, philpvfc said:

    He was the only horse unfortunately 

    Or you could not blindly praise the guy in the face of a load of evidence suggesting otherwise. 

  14. 40 minutes ago, tommytunstall said:

    With your agenda you obviously support him 100%. But the rest of the country are starting to see through the Bluff and Bluster.

    We were weeks ago when entrenched Torys were fawning over the PM saying there was nobody else in the world who could have done as good a job as Boris. 

    Idiots who will just try to rewrite history when all the evidence proves they backed the wrong horse. 

  15. RB it all comes down to testing. I am convinced I had it and caught it at work when we should have been closed. I was first ill around 17th March but had to go to work. I dont get sick pay and the government had advised people not to go to pubs but hadnt enforced it. I wont know if what I had was COVID19 but the point is that it i did have it and wasn't tested (told to stay at home not go docs etc) how many others did too. Do you believe there was only 3 cases in Stoke until around 24th March? Cus without testing the numbers look alot more palatable   

  16. 36 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    You've completely made that first part up. Unless you are counting where I've called people out for it?


    I'm not suprised people are trying to politicise a crisis. It happens all the time. It is sad though.

    You have a real A/B test going on between England and Ireland right in frontof your eyes and ongoing. One country locked down, closed pubs and cancelled St Patrick's day while the other held Cheltenham festival, Liverpool champions league match and hugely attended gigs. Now one of those countries populations is dying from this at more than 2.5 the rate of the other. One country has 300ish deaths the other 12000 and counting. There will rightly be a public enquiry following this and you are going to look very stupid RB. The way you praise a man who gave himself the virus and nearly killed himself despite having experts advising him is laughable. The guy is a moron and you laid him like some sort of God. Which I think says it all. 

  17. 1 minute ago, geoff1 said:

    swedens population pay a lot more tax than this country would you be prepared to pay 45pc tax?

    What difference would a different tax rate make in this situation? 

  18. 16 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    By what measurement are we suffering the most?


    Why are Sweden not suffering worse than us? They are still not locked down as far as i know.


    WHO is far from perfetct. We live in a free society which has saved more lives than we could possibly lose during this outbreak. I wouldn't want a PM to lock down the country lightly. Whether or not you think he locked down a few days late or a few days early is semantics.


    You are angry, we all are, but you argument isn't substanstiated in my opinion.

    We have a far higher death toll per capita than most other countries. Ireland has an almost identical ICU bed per person rate as us but lockdown earlier. We are dying at over twice the rate here. Whys that? Lockdown date. Who decided we would wait? Boris


    Sweden is a huge huge country with 1/7th the population  of here. Thought that would be obvious. Why don't you compare Sweden's numbers to other Scandinavian countries? Sweden have it worse than other comparable countries because of lockdown again.


    It's not a few days late it was 2 weeks. Why do you think we are where we are and others arent? Is it just random in your mind? Like the evidence that is out there is all made up? 


    What is your argument for Boris doing such a good job? I haven't seen one

  19. 21 hours ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Hindsight is wonderful.


    I don't believe there is a better person to have lead us into battle against Coronavirus than Boris unless you have any ideas?


    I'm not alone either, after electing his party with a huge majority his handling of the crisis has been positively received by the public, according to the data. Some suggesting it's the highest approval rating for a PM in years.


    Have the EU managed to procure those ventilators yet?

    Anyone but Boris I imagine. This is the same Boris who ignored WHO advice and kept the country open. Notably Cheltenham festival and a sold out Phonics gig in Cardiff. Both of these events contributed massively to our high death rate (which doesn't include care homes so you could potentially double the number of actual deaths) 


    It will all come out in the wash so I wouldn't be hailing Boris as some sort of 2nd coming just yet. Can you think of any reason why us and USA are suffering most? Could it be that we both didnt lockdown early enough? 

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  20. On 09/04/2020 at 15:54, Mario said:

    Precisely those bleating that we should have gone to lock down earlier are living in cloud cuckoo land, they are basing their evidence with the power of hindsight, some members of the community can't/wont lockdown even with the evidence and deaths and full ICU's so how they would have gone on a month ago being told to close down,there would have been hell to play,police state blah blah blah.

    That's just not true though is it. Plenty including myself called for us to follow our European neighbours and shut everything down weeks ago. You only have to read posts on here from weeks ago to see that. I could name a couple of posters who said we had nothing to worry about and how we were all overreacting. 


    You can't not enforce something because people might not obey it. When people break the lockdown rules they should be heavily fined. 

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  21. 48 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    That's the average figure published by Public Health England.

    I recently read an article stating that the government routinely lied about flu death figure. 


     The figure for last year was 1692. That seems much more realistic. 

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