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  1. Which team do you think will improve and be better in the 22-23 season?
    DCs younger team or Askeys older team?
    Which team contains more players with the potential to kick on and potentially be sold for profit?
    Or another way of putting it, who is more likely to be sold for profit which can be reinvested in the club… 25 year old Brad Walker or 34 year old Luke Joyce? 25 year old James Wilson or 39 year old Tom Pope? 24 year old Ryan Johnson or 31 year old Sean Brisley.
    Answers to those question answer your question.
    Its about being a long term project built on solid foundations that can develop players who we may be able to sell rather than being a short termist “it’s this season or nothing” team.
    Pope may be old but he isn't 39!
  2. I suspect a long and illustrious career as a highly thought of LWB is a better thing to judge him on rather than a few pre season friendlies.
    My guess is we will be glad we finally have a decent dedicated left back.
    You may be right, although I'd hardly call a career played almost exclusively at L2 level 'illustrious'. I don't really care what he's done before though. It's what he does for us that matters. Let's hope he's the new Tankard, and not another Lawrie Wilson
  3. Hope this isn't Clarke first choice 11. It's not good at the moment. Very poor all round, Benning looks all at sea.
    I have to say that, from what I've seen so far, Benning is going to disappoint a lot of people this season. Hope I'm wrong, and I may well be (like Legge, he may be particularly bad in friendlies), but given some were creaming themselves at the prospect of signing him, I've been very disappointed
  4. Easy for me to say I guess but I think the club should take a chance now and request the extra tickets down the side prior to general sale. Appears we’ve sold just over 700 before start of business today so reckon the remainder of the initial allocation will be close to all gone today.
    Why don't we just let the people who know exactly what we've sold (the ticket office) sell the tickets and request more if necessary
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  5. Is  your lady Jane and are you phil and do you live south west and you used live in Madeley. 
    Agree totally I brought a season ticket first one in years after no show v Walsall 0_5 defeat ears ago Duffus last game,I thought chonnocks to this you get yourself up early to watch a team  after working all tgrought tge night HARD,and then you watch a team of players lie down and have there bellies tickled .
    Let's hope Clark has characters who do not allow that ever to be .
    Nah that's not me dude
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  6. Yeah that's fair enough hope the Vale do it for all away games I do not mind paying a tenner watch all the away games it's cheaper than going but you cannot beat going the localish ones so do not mind tge expense of a few away days on train etc but in the main if you like me and work permanent nights it's great waking up on a sat afternoon and paying to watch the Vale when at Northampton for example next week as working fri and sat night .
    Unfortunately that's not Vales call, it's Sky. Never going to happen, however much we want it to. I've got IPTV for the away games this season though, as don't travel away anyway and haven't done for years. As we saw last season, the RS commentators watch a completely different game to the rest of us, so can't trust the radio commentary! Will be there with my ST for the home games though
  7. Why not give him a chance to develop?
    He's a 21yo player plucked from non-league. He works hard and has a good attitude. He was our liveliest player for a while last season.
    DC released 15 players this summer but saw enough in him to extend his contract. That's good enough for me.
    I remember seeing young players at Vale like Danny Webber, David McGoldrick and Olamide Shodipo and thinking they didn't look great at the time - yet all 3 have developed and had good careers.
    Don't forget Marcus Bent
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  8. For Hurst was ok last season, has lots of potential to be a good player, it is just a question of if that talent can be accessed, if not DC will probably release him at the end of his contract. You cannot expect young players to just come into the team a be match winners they need time time develops and mature mentally and physically.
    Cue meltdown from the Wiki scouts if it is indeed Jay Bird
  9. 7 appearances and 1 famous own goal is enough for the guy to be cemented in memory. My post count is low incase I accidentally curse anything whilst using his name.

    Seriously though, I wouldn't change much from Tuesday night selection wise unless management wanted to 'get minutes' in for certain players. 

    I promise you I'm just a 30 something geezer from Bradeley.
    I think THAT game left an indelible memory in everybody who witnessed it, which is probably why even now, when Vale are leading by some margin and seemingly cruising, we all breathe a sigh of relief at the final whistle whenever we win
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  10. I love how you have given a rigorous break down of team selection based on a bunch of players you have watched play together once via a facebook stream from some punters Nokia in the Lorne St.

    I'm not looking for 'Character' from a friendly against Chesterfield, just the same amount of professionalism they've brought to the whole of this pre-season so far.

    Worrall no set position, Johnson on the left side 'on his own', Legge back in and all settling in to a nice and familiar 3-4-1-2.

    Some people are mental.
    I'm concerned at your ability to assess the quality of the playing staff when you've chosen that username
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  11. Andy Caroll would be a good signing....would smash league 2
    Offer some route into coaching, you never know.
    What is Vale fans' obsession with offering any player over 30 a coaching role? Pope, Brown and Legge are the most recent suggestions. We've tried inexperienced coaches (a la Pugh and Sinclair) and it's failed. Just because a player was decent doesn't mean they'll be a good coach or manager. I'd rather us not be a training academy for any player who wants to try his hand at coaching. That's not to say there won't be exceptions, but if we're serious about building a younger squad and bringing through youngsters from our academy, we need experienced coaches who have a proven track record of doing just that
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  12. I purchased my season ticket at the start of May but have heard nothing since. Are they sending them out, or do I need to collect?  (I live in Derbyshire)
    I know they'll be available to collect from a week Friday, but don't know whether they'll be sending out then as well
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  13. No Leon Legge I see again he is a leader in both boxes along with Worrall and Conlon be first name on team majority of games in my opinion .
    Watched it on a stream as working nights and couldn't really be bothered for a friendly ,thought we were not good enough on a whole on what I could see although we passed it well at times and second half did better in terms of keeping the ball but Sheffield Wednesday exploited too easily on occasions and we missed Leon's win everything aerially from there set pieces .
    It's hard tell from the stream from the 
    Lorne Street though so even though I watched it was hard see up the away end ,crowd was quiet need more anger and up for it Ness when season starts .
    Just brought a season ticket first one in about 5 years stopped getting one after disgracefully losing 5-0 at home to Walsall last game years ago no idea when just had 10 gamers since,l so let's hope the players have a great campaign and the fanbase are more agitated and spur the players on to better .
    How did you watch it on a stream? I thought there was no stream?
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