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  1. Didn't see that coming, I know for a fact he was heavily involved in community stuff just last week. Must have something lined up. 
    If nothing else, it shows who is now calling the shots re player and staff retention/recruitment, as it was only in February wasn't it that Carol made it a condition of any appointment that Pugh was kept on (though she may have meant only in the short term)
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  2. I'm pretty sure that if DC didn't want him, he would have made his feelings known and derailed the negotiations

    I know. Clarke said that there had been long negotiations or something like that which made me wonder if an offer pre Clarke was made.
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  3. Think you're missing the point a tad. Nobody has said we should be looking to sign established L1 players. That's ridiculous and would cost a fortune. BUT we would be able to sign younger players with the potential to become L1 quality players, rather than concentrating as we have for years on 'decent L2 quality players', mainly those who are approaching the twilight of their careers or who are old enough to be unlikely to get any better than decent at L2 level. I think you can get away with those types of players in defence, by and large, but in midfield I don't think that you can. Prime examples are Joyce, Amoo, Monty and Kay. They were all decent enough on their day, but there's a reason why they were confined to the bottom league for most of their careers. They are simply not very good. Yes, mistakes will be made and we need a few L2 established players to help develop the younger players, but haven't we already got these with the likes of Worrall and to a lesser degree Conlon?

    But if you are a League Two club you will struggle to fill your squad with League One players. 

  4. These excellent League 2 players have us facing a 5th season in this division. Time to move on and rebuild.
    Spot on. Sign 'league 2 quality players' (which a lot of people cry out for every summer) and that's exactly what you will get. Conlon is being touted now as a L1 player. Who would have thought that when he came in? Take a chance on younger players, give them TIME to develop, and we will reap the benefits.
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  5. Now that we have huge scope for recruitment, it'll be interesting to see whether the DOF model can give us an advantage at this level. If we can recruit much better than other clubs in our league, you could argue that it has. DF has, in theory, had a solid 4 months to identify potential signings, find out their contract status availability and interest, scout them thoroughly and, finally, do the likely sums. If we get a lot of signings done early, that would suggest to me that they have been identified and pursued for some time. We can only wait and see! Exciting times

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  6. I don't doubt what you say, but we all know that there are (or at least were) people leaking confidential information from inside the Club. Whether that will be the case again, I don't know, but some 'rumours' will be based on fact if it does continue

    I wouldn't believe any rumour that appears on social media,as this manager certainly keeps his cards very close to his chest.Clarke does not even disclose injury updates and many other issues.A very sensible thing to do .
  7. If you were daft enough to bet on Vale then you haven't been following them for very long. Either that or you've got more money than sense

    I agree, should have played his best side. If he did'nt know before the last game  his best side we are in a mess. Nothing on it for both sides, but I love vale and if we were playing anyone I want us to win. He let vale fans down yesterday full stop. I know we did not go but we paid our bloody money for that crap. Plus I lost on my bet.
  8. Yes they are but is he going take a pay cut to stay at Vale when he could earn as much as he's on now somewhere else for another year
    If Pope's of the same mindset as you I think he's going to end up very disappointed. Do you really believe that with his performance levels, goal scoring and assist record, injury record, fitness level and idiocy on social media over the past 2 seasons he can demand parity with his current pay? He'd be well advised if he got any offer of a one or two year contract to take it before its withdrawn
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  9. Interesting how different people have different views, I thought that the way he was relishing getting rid of the deadwood and telling them what he thought about them was tantamount to bullying in the workplace.
    Oh FFS.....
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  10. All very well saying get rid of all the players but the team needs some continuity for the fans to identify with. 
    What a load of tosh. Continuity of the mediocrity and at times downright travesty? Vale are Vale. Whichever 11 is on the pitch come next season, you won't hear one fan lamenting that they don't recognise the players so long as we're winning
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  11. Any re-evaluation ?
    I was for a mass clear out as my previous posts will back up. 
    Brisley has been decent with Legge and Smith but was awful without Legge. That doesn't bode well.
    Maybe a complete reset ? 
    Release the lot and settle up on a few others ? 
    Problem then is gelling a whole new team together but we have to trust the powers that be to do so. 

    So did I. I didnt waver during the good run. There's no point having a DOF structure in place if we're just going to do things the same way as before (tested and failed). So I have every confidence that this squad will be ripped up and recruitment will be much better. There will be some fails next season, but I hope these will be the exception rather than the rule. UTV
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  12. Confidence is huge in football. Just look at Joe Hart if you need an example. Pep destroyed his confidence. In the autumn and early winter we suffered numerous turnarounds and late goals, h& ad our own that may have turned the tide disallowed against Scunthorpe (I think). The players have managed to overcome that and turn the tide albeit after a manager has lost their job.

    Their is this idea that players down tools and don't try. That may be the case for the odd player but you don't tend to make it as a professional footballer if you don't have a drive to win. The losses will hurt most of the players almost as much as us. They know if they don't perform they could well end up stacking shelves or driving a taxi.

    You have poisoned enough threads with your bitterness. This thread is to thank the players for their efforts so if you haven't got anything positive to say butt out and state your opinions on the countless other threads available to you.
    The thread is titled a message to the squad. A forum is about debate and expressing different opinions. If BHF didn't want comments and debate on his thank you letter, why start a thread on a public forum, and not just email via the Club directly? If this offends you, then I'd suggest you don't come onto a public forum with differing opinions
  13. But as they're 'working people' according to LT, you must find out why they didn't turn up before you can question it.

    I'd be grateful he turned up at all and recommend him to all of my friends. The amount of workmen who promise they'll show up and then suddenly disappear off the face of the earth is startling.
  14. So if someone robs my house, I need to find out the reason why they felt the need to rob my house before I may be outraged and judge them as robbing scummers? I'd like to live in your world of candy floss clouds and flying unicorns, but for now I'll stay in the real world thanks

    Well...yes you did!
    "What for you would be 'valid reasons...'" 
    And I never said the players had to be applauded for this season...just that...as I'm saying - again - that if you don't know the reason why something has happened you shouldn't judge! And - again - I have no idea what would have brought this about...but, obviously...something did, which seemed to have affected the players team spirit and confidence? But I don't pretend to know what.
    And we can keep going round and round on this and my answer will always be "I don't know why" - because I don't, and am not prepared to speculate without facts!

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